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Wink – Reward yourself with ezbuy Vouchers on your daily commute! [FULLY REDEEMED]

ezbuy x smrt wink

Reward yourself on your daily commute when you ride SMRT and redeem your WINKs for ezbuy voucher. Limited redemptions available, so don’t miss out!

  1. Go to “Account” on your WINK+ app and convert WINKs to eVoucher in the following denominations:

For $5 ezbuy Voucher       = 10 WINKs
For $10 ezbuy Voucher     = 20 WINKs
For $25 ezbuy Voucher     = 50 WINKs
For $50 ezbuy Voucher     = 100 WINKs

2. Click to use the converted eVoucher
3. Click ‘Redeem via merchant input branch code’ button
4. Input branch code 3036 and click ‘Redeem eVoucher’
5. Copy and take note of the 12 digit Verification code before clicking Cancel (top-left corner)
6. Go back to Home page and under ‘WINK+ Merchants ‘, look for ezbuy under ‘ Online Shop ‘ category
7. Select ezbuy. You will be brought out of WINK+ app. Enter the 12 digit Verification code and click ‘ Redeem ‘
8. The redemption is now completed. You will receive an email with the ezbuy voucher details in 3 working days

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