How To Ensure Maximum Luggage Space for All Your Holiday Buys – 7 Simple Packing Tips

You’ve done the research and downloaded the maps. You know where all your favourite brands can be found in this new shopping mecca, and you have marked out the boutiques, shopping centres and markets on the maps for quick navigation. Your credit card is ready for a workout. Now all you need to do is to ensure that you have enough room in your bags — not to mention luggage allowance — to bring home all your fantastic buys.

Here’s how you can travel light and still have everything you need to look good on holiday.

1. Bring almost-finished toiletries

Lots of people recommend going on vacation without toiletries and buying all that you need at the destination. It works for those who are not fussy about the brands they use, but some of us are really particular about what we put on our hair, face and body. Apart from the obvious solution of transferring all your favourite products into travel-sized bottles, which you can conveniently purchase on, one hassle-free method is to bring the last of whatever you use at home with you. Once they are finished, you can toss the empty bottles and voila, freed up luggage space!

2. Opt for travel-friendly, period

If you really must use your own towel because you don’t trust hotel linen, look for a microfibre travel version instead of bringing your bulky home towel, fluffy and familiar as it might be. They pack small and are highly absorbent so you won’t find yourself having to drip dry. Then there are those who prefer to have their own hairdryers. In this case, a good option is one that is compact, yet powerful. In fact, when it comes to hair styling gadgets such as hair curlers or flat irons, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice these days. We have a good selection of nifty beauty electronics. A multipurpose one like this four-in-one curling and straightening iron, for instance, is highly portable and can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Compact Travel Hair Dryer

3. Wear what you always wear

Holidays are not the best time to experiment with new wardrobe items. If you bring a skirt you’ve never worn, you’ll start wondering which of five tops and three pairs of shoes to wear it with, and end up bringing more than you should. Instead, go with tried-and-tested combos that you look and feel good in.

4. Roll and fold

Rolling is perfect for soft clothing items such as knitwear, casual t-shirts, denim and breezy sundresses. Make sure the rolls are tight, as this will help to minimise creases. When it comes to stiffer garments like structured tops, dressy pants or blazers, fold them neatly and stack or drape them over everything else in your luggage — this will form the top layer of your suitcase contents. Finish by covering the layer with a dry cleaning bag. The idea is to have a slippery surface so that the fabric can’t get stuck in place long enough for creases to form.

5. Fit and arrange like a puzzle

Packing cubes are great not just for creating order but also as a way to compact items into bundles you can shift around easily. Pouches of various sizes and ziplock bags serve a similar function. First, organise your stuff. For instance, bathroom toiletries and skin essentials used at the vanity table go into separate bags while charging cables and adaptors should go into a waterproof bag of their own. Each pair of shoes can occupy a gallon-sized ziplock bag. Next, imagine that the individual packs are pieces of a 3D puzzle you are fitting together in your suitcase. The goal is to have as few pockets of small, empty space as possible.

6. Fill up the dead space

Ball up socks and stuff into shoes before packing them. Into the crevices, stuff soft or small items like rolled up underwear, swimwear, sanitary products and medication.

7. Use compression bags with care

Compression bags are extremely useful, particularly if you are going for a winter holiday and have plenty of fleece and thick, unwieldy items to pack. However, because of how much they can compact into a tight space, it’s easy to get carried away, packing everything you think you might need, as opposed to focusing on necessity. Don’t forget, compression bags may help you save space, but the weight keeps going up the more you bring. Checkout these hand compression bags for your next travel

Happy shopping!

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