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Get the Best from the U-S this Black Friday!

The greatest day of the year for shopping in USA is coming in a few days’ time. If you had already know, good for you. If you haven’t, let me share with you what is it ….. *drum roll*


Black Friday?

This year’s Black Friday sales fall on the 24 November this year. Black friday sales is the biggest annual sales in USA, just like our Singapore’s Great Singapore Sales. What’s more attractive is that as we know USA is well-known for its branded stuffs like Coach, Kate spade, Nike, Adidas etc, therefore you can expect highly slashed price on this day for all your favourite USA brands. Here are some of the top shopping sites we know that are a hit among online shoppers!


Worry that 1 day is not enough to finish shopping all your favourite brands and grab the best deals? Good news for you, most merchants will starts their Black Friday sales a few days earlier, which means you have more time to shop!

However, nothing comes easy especially when it’s once every year event and with many massively discounted items. But don’t worry, ezbuy is here to help! Let us look at some issues you might be facing if you were to buy directly from the merchants


Drawback of shopping online on USA websites

❌High international shipping fee: With some USA brands trying to test overseas market, these brands do provide international shipping. However, as the demand isn’t high, international shipping fee can cost you a bomb if you are shipping directly from the merchant. Knowing us online shoppers, we are more than likely to be shopping from more than 1 USA site this Black Friday. 

Hence, international shipping fee will definitely be charged separately based on their international shipping rate. You will possibly end up paying more on the shipping fee than your product fee.

❌Credit card restrictions: Feeling fed-up when you have tried all your credit cards from 7 different banks yet still seeing the same error message? Fear not, it’s not that you have maxed your card limit. This is simply just how some USA merchants restrict overseas buyers from buying internationally.

❌Restricted USA merchants: Having your website kept redirecting you to .sg instead of .com? Yes, your internet is indeed smart, redirecting you to a .sg site based on your geographical location. But, you can be smarter with ezbuy! Read on to find out how you can outsmart your desktop!


How ezbuy can help you in such situations

1. USA Buy-For-Me service

With our USA Buy-For-Me service, ezbuy can help you to buy from almost ALL websites in USA. Be it restricted merchants or not restricted merchants, shop in the comfort of your pyjamas at home. Simply submit the URL to us and we will make the purchases for you!

ezbuy also has a group of dedicated purchasing agents based in USA who are able to purchase from restricted websites for you. No more boundaries between you and your limited-edition USA products! 

FYI: Our USA warehouse is located in a tax-free state, in another word, you do not need to pay tax for your USA purchases.


2. Free repacking & consolidation

If you are a regular USA buyer, you will be aware of USA couriers’ big and thick boxes. These courier boxes could potentially cost you 3 times more shipping fee that you are supposed to pay for.

However, with our USA free repacking & consolidation service, you will be able to SAVE MORE TO BUY MORE. We help repack your items from courier boxes, which would help you to save up to 3x in shipping fees. Instead of paying numerous highly charged shipping fee individually, we help consolidate your purchases should you be shopping from more than 1 merchant. Charging at a really low rate of S$3.99/500g. 

Credit card restriction issue – ✔️Solved

Restricted USA merchant issue – ✔️Solved

High international shipping fee – ✔️Solved


Paying lesser and get more items when you use ezbuy! This is what we called, “SAVE MORE TO BUY MORE” 

Still not convinced? Here’s a table showing how much you can save when you shop with us this Black Friday!

3. USA Ship-For-Me service

However, If you are someone who enjoys the thrills of checking out and making payment all by yourself, you can still benefit from ezbuy with our USA Ship-For-Me service. Get your unique Ship-For-Me address in your ezbuy account and start shopping away and get your merchants to send your parcels to us.

With ezbuy, S$3.99/500g is all that you need to calculate your shipping fee. You do not need to consider, the base charge, fuel charge or any hidden cost.

Let the numbers do the talking, here’s a comparison between ezbuy and other competitors:

4. Bypass IP detection to access restricted websites

Having your website kept redirecting you to .sg instead of .com? Check out our guide on how you can bypass the IP detection to shop your all-time favourite brands. Enough said, try it out and experience it yourself!


*Psst* Don’t say bo share, we also collated some Black Friday Promo Codes for you here

Need some inspiration for gifts? We got you covered too! So go forth and start shopping away!


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