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Stuff You Should TOTALLY Buy Online

When it comes to online shopping, some things seem like obvious choices; books, office supplies, Haribo sugar-free gummy bears (I’m kidding, but the reviews are worth a read!). I’m willing to bet that there are some items you’d never have thought about buying online. I’ve tried and tested all of the following online purchases and I can tell you that you can bet your bottom dollar on any of these picks.


A pair of glasses can cost a pretty penny, especially if you’ve got astigmatism or need bifocals. But you can save plenty shopping online – just ask your optometrist for your latest prescription and go wild! There is a certain risk to purchasing without trying on – here’s the trick to getting the perfect frames for your face every time. Try on as many pairs as you can in real life. Once you’ve found the frames you love, jot down the sizing (usually found on the inside of the left arm as a 7-digit number xx-xx-xxx). Take that number home and use it to filter frame sizes so you only see the frames that already suit you. Jackpot!

(But if you are a contact lens wearer – the opposite advice applies. Contact lenses are just about the one thing you should never buy online.)

Bulk craft supplies

Crafting is great until you get to the checkout line. Making homemade doilies hardly seems worth it once you’ve purchased $90 worth of yarn and hooks. That’s where online shopping becomes your friend. Not only can you purchase larger amounts for less, you have a much larger variety of materials to choose from!

Kitchen gadgets

Kitchen gadgets make incredible gifts, are efficient time savers, and help you prepare nutritious meals for your family in less time. From creative food storage solutions to gorgeous gifts for friends, family, and colleagues, the online word is rife with anything you could need, like this hand soap pump designed to be used with the back of the hand, helping you to keep your pump free of breadcrumbs and raw meat and all the other gross things you end up touching while cooking.


You don’t often run into physical shops dedicated solely to geeks, but you’ll find whole corners of the Internet dedicated to everything a nerd could want, from T-shirts to bobble heads to life-sized cardboard cutouts of favourite characters to hamburger earmuffs. Not sure what to get the nephew who’s constantly late? If he’s into classic video games, why not an 8-bit wall clock? Or check out the range of cosplaying outfits you can find online – no matter where your tastes lie on the spectrum from Sailor Moon to Full Metal Alchemist, there’s something for everyone.

Beauty subscriptions

If you’re wanting to try out new looks without all of commitment, why not sign up online for a monthly beauty subscription? For a minimal fee (typically about $10) you receive samples of various beauty products every month until you decide to cancel. It’s a great way to add new products to your beauty bag without shelling out big time or committing to a product that you rarely end up using.

Remember when shopping online to only buy from reputable sites, like, and to always check for a secure connection (HTTPS instead of HTTP) when entering your personal information or credit card number. Happy browsing!

Want to find out what are the things you should never buy online? Visit Never Buy These Items Online article on to find out more!

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