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How Online Shopping Saved My Life As A New Mum

How online shopping saved my life as a new mum

I used to be a brick-and-mortar shopping sort of girl, really. Once upon a time, I enjoyed going to malls to leisurely browse away the day in air-conditioned comfort. I also loved hunting down tiny, chic stores that had unique stuff no one else had. I spent my weekends at farmers markets and garage sales, hoping to ferret out all kinds of treasures.

All that changed once I had a baby. This isn’t to say that I have regrets – I love my child, and (I hope) he loves me. But having a baby really changes your life in ways you can’t imagine. The simplest pleasures (window shopping with an iced Americano in hand) suddenly became fraught with worry. What if baby needs to eat? What if he needs a nap? If he poops all over me, what do I do?

Having an unpredictable child meant I needed to find things fast – no more slow, leisurely wandering around ION Orchard any more. Then, I needed to figure out how to get it all home, while packing a squirming infant, who may or may not consent to being put in his stroller.

And then, I tried online shopping and it changed my life forever.

It’s quick

If you ask anyone why they like online shopping, this is their number one reason. Buying things online is just so much simpler and faster. No fuss, no muss. You don’t have to get dressed, drive all the way downtown, only to struggle with finding a parking spot and then pick your way through the heaving crowds. All you have to do is get online from the comfort of your own home – you can even shop from your iPhone or Android while sitting on the loo, if you must.

It’s convenient

No more wrestling with huge shopping bags. Purchase anything online, and it makes it way to your doorstep within days (although some international shipments do take longer to clear customs, etc). With, shipping can be as quick as just 1 business day. And thanks to its On-time Shipment Guarantee, you get a shipping fee refund for all late parcels.

Even bulky items such as sofas can be ordered online, and shipped speedily right to your doorstep!

It saves you money

Check out’s Prime service, which ships your items (no matter what size) for just $2.99 per checkout. Home delivery is an additional $8 per checkout – regardless of quantity and weight. As a brand new mother, I was shocked at how much we had to spend on baby, so every penny saved made a difference!

Prices online are also much more competitive than in the stores. For one, online retailers don’t have to pay expensive downtown rents, letting them pass all those savings on to you, the consumer. Prices for daily basics such as diapers and wipes are so much better online – not only did this help my household budget, it also meant that I could stock up regularly and never run out.

Oh, the variety!

But what really converted me to online shopping was the sheer variety of products found online. Previously, finding specialty items meant journeying to far-off corners of Singapore, only to find out that the item I wanted wasn’t in stock, or in the wrong colour. Now, all I have to do is punch in a few keywords in the search bar and voila!


This takes me to the story of how online shopping literally saved my life. My fussy baby would only take a certain brand and type of nipple in his bottle – anything else and he would spit out the teat and wail. I was too exhausted to endure another disappointing trip into town to Mothercare to find a replacement, so I logged online and found the exact one I needed within minutes. Thank you,!

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