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2017 Recap: Top 20 ezbuy Products Highly Recommended By Customers

Hello 2018 & A Happy New Year to all readers!

As we welcome the new year, here’s a look back at 20 top products as recommended by our lovely ezbuy customers which caused a lot of ‘Wooo’ and ‘Wah!’ from all of us.

And here we go!


Product: Handheld Juice Blender

Reviewed By Alice Yeo:

“Always wanted some fresh juices daily but very lazy to bring out my big blender from cardboard. Saw this and carted 1 to try for daily use. It is charged using a USB cable and it can last for multiple use (at least 8-10x) after full charge. Very light weight and handy to carry around. Easy to use after you put in fruits to make fresh juices or milk to do milk shake. Most importantly, very easy to clean in less than 1 min. I’ve been bringing this around office and home, it’s so convenient. You can leave it on the table or shake it while it’s blending. End up I carted 2 more extras for colleagues when they saw how easy and convenient to use.”

After reading Alice’s review and watching the video she uploaded, I’ve got the urge to cart it out as well and already thinking how I am going use it on the first day of 2018 to set my diet right! *New year’s resolution: Eat clean*


Product: Children’s Play Tents

Reviewed By Sylvia Tangugu:

“I was scrolling Facebook when I saw advertisement on this item… the price stated was $259!!! You can buy 20 sets from ezbuy!!! This is a great indoor item for kids! Even no kids, this can be a great indoor concept for single or couple.”

This is so pretty! Lay a comfy floor mat underneath the tent and filled it up with snugly pillows, it will be a perfect for a HTHT with your loved ones.

Additionally, it’s perfect as a photography prop as well! *idea*


Product: Pipe-style Storage Rack

Reviewed By Sylvia Tangugu:

“90% of the items bought for whole new house were from ezbuy Prime. Theme: retro simplicity to allow max space for kids to play. These are expensive and hard to find locally. The book rack is very stable and firm. Loved it to be on the Wall away from kids too! The below are also from Prime but due to the current system, I share the China Merchants links so that you can add in Prime later .

Looking so artistic with this pipe-style rack. It seems to be able to hold more books than a normal book-shelf! Oh, seems like you can set the pipe-line how you would like it to be.


Product: L-shaped Sofa

Reviewed By Pearlyn Neo:

“My biggest purchase ever since i joined ezbuy. I was worried about the quality and how my sofa will look like but everything goes so well and beautiful”

The sofa looks so comfy to sit in. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and it seems to be able to fit quite a lot of people!


Product: Wallpaper sticker

Reviewed By Xin Yu:

“Dislike the colour/texture of your furniture? Check this out! Bought this marble stickers from ezbuy to change the design of my IKEA shelf and it turned out so great!

Water proof! Easy to use. Just measure the size of your furniture and cut the stickers accordingly and paste it over your furniture! Don’t worry about not having enough to fill your whole table because i manage to fill the whole IKEA shelf and i still have a lot left!”

This item is M-A-G-I-C! It turns a normal and dull shelf to something that looks so exquisite.


Product: Stainless Steel Basin

Reviewed By Chan Elle:

“Wanted to reno my bathrooms and had quotes from various contractors for vanity top. Find it too ex and decided to buy from ezbuy. Managed to get an 80cm in length stainless steel cabinet so it doesn’t rot easily if to get a carpenter to customize. Includes mirror, basin top and bottom cabinet. Need to indicate to seller to send out full black color.

Quality wise still considered acceptable for this price. Mirror and ledge is so so but still looks aesthetically pleasing.”

I’m sure those that are homeowners themselves would know how expensive it is for a full house renovation. When it comes to cupboards, sinks, toilet bowls, contractors would have a limited selection and sometimes it just doesn’t go with the theme you had in mind.

Now that ezbuy has a ezHome collection, you will probably find something suitable for your home and best still, the cost will be almost a fraction off compared to getting locally. Don’t say no share!


Product: L-Shaped Sofa

Reviewed By Yvonne Low:

“Despite many horror stories about ezbuy damaging your bulky items but I took the leap to buy a sofa! Since all my lights came without a crack, how much a damage can a sofa have right?

So tadah! Here’s my sofa. Firm and comfortable! I personally don’t like sofa that’s too soft. Colour totally match my flooring and theme! I love it!!


Product: Puffed-Up Costume

Reviewed By Carol Toh:

“Got my Halloween costume and it not only impressed my friends, they had a good laugh as well!”

This would be the best costume of the year! Frankly speaking, this looks so comfy to be in and it does not look too heavy to walk around as well. *Idea*


Product: Takoyaki Grill Pan

Reviewed By from Katrina Theobald:

“We made our own takoyaki last weekend  😍 It came with accessories like oil brush and the 2 sharp sticks. This product also come with an interchangeable grill pan!”

“Lai lai, 5 for $2~”

Your photo really made us drool. Little did we know that you can actually DIY takoyaki at home. I guess we won’t be seeing you in the queue at pasar malams!



Product: Kids Bunk Bed

Reviewed By Adeline Tii:

“I want to convert my study room into my boy room so was searching around for a good bunk bed that can fit in the room and yet doesn’t make the room look too small. Sourcing around Singapore and mostly quote me 30% more for customise even the size I want is smaller. So, in the end I source prime and found this bunk bed. Customized to the design and size that I want, cost around $300plus. Totally love it!!!”

I got the urge to climb up and lie on the bed watching those fairy lights. It looks so comfy and cosy. Oh, like what our customer mentioned, this is a customized bed. Which means you can customize something to suit your room size and theme. 1 and only design bed in the world, that’s pretty cool right?


Product: Lightings

Reviewed By Yvonne Low:

“Sharing one of my fav buy from ezbuy! My hanging dining light! Cost only a fraction of what SG shops are selling! Item came styrofoam nicely without a single scratch on it! I love it! Thanks, ezbuy!”



Product: Dog Costume

Reviewed By Kyra Lim:

“Damn hilarious, awesome outfit for Halloween or CNY!!!”

Your majesty! How cute is this!!! All dog owners would know that dog costumes aren’t cheap to buy locally. Furthermore, it’s also not practical for our little fur balls to put on due to our climate. Hence, aside for that photo opportunity and instaworthy shot most would be unwilling to part with the cash. But not anymore with ezbuy! With our wide range of designs and alternatives along with low prices and shipping fees.


Product: Children Play Car

Reviewed By Cherie Celesta Tan:
“Bought 3 sets for my nieces and nephews. No English manual but easy to fix. $39+ each. Received my items less than a week”



Product: Animals Chairs, Drawer storage cupboard, Children Plastic Wardrobe & Toy Racks

Reviewed By: Nuramalina Hafidz

“Bought these items for my kids room to make it more colourful and organised”


Our customer’s kids’ room filled up with almost all ezbuy items. We love storage boxes as it stores away anything and everything in the fastest and neatest way!


Product: Camping Tent

Reviewed By Pauline Neo:

“This is super good and cheap! I saved more money buying here than going retail shops. This is so convenient as is automatic in terms of just open the tent, pull to open and press down to secure! Just Press down and fold to keep. Not like those old type, still have to assemble the metal rods ourselves making us so tiring. After buying from ezbuy, I went to retails and to my surprise, they sell more than $100 for only 3-4 person!… This is my 2nd purchased here for my parents for 6-8 persons. They loved it so much.”

Automatic tent! It definitely makes camping a lot easier and convenient. No more fixing of the poles and finding the right ends to the other.


Product: Multifunction Vanity Mirror

Reviewed By Jingru Lyu

“Sharing this must-buy multifunctional vanity mirror to all of the chiobu. It’s a bit pricey but worth the money! This mirror lamp cost me $39.96. Perfect wrapped when delivered to my hands, easy to install, I managed to do it by myself! It can be a bedside lamp, vanity mirror with LED light, perfect for makeup. It’s touch screen, lighting is adjustable. The bottom can be makeup or jewellery storage. Also available in white, mint green, baby pink color!”

Mirror light! All ladies must have for their daily usage. What’s more, it acts as a bedside lamp as well. This product was also one of our best picks from share & win.


Product: Vanity Table

Reviewed By Desmond Ker:

“I bought this European dressing table, solid wood with perfect finishing. The price that I paid definitely in Singapore we are not able to get it. Love it to the max. Thanks again”

This is so perfect to fit in a European themed home.


Product: Shark Bean Bag

Reviewed By Yvonne Low:

“My Son saw this bean bag at the mall and asked for this! I went up to the sales assistant and asked the price and it cost $149.90! I couldn’t bear to buy it for $150 and thus I quickly searched on ezbuy and guess what… it only cost less than $50 and delivered to my house! Everyone in the family are snatching to sit on this while watching TV!”

“Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo. 

Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.

Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo. 

Baby shark.”

I would like to have a sit on it too, getting bitten by the “shark” 😅


Product: Multi way Wooden High Chair

Reviewed By Michelle Koh Pei Voon:

“I had bought this highchair from ezbuy after my Best Friend’s recommendation. (My friend bought 2 for her toddlers, then you can tell how good deal it is)

I and my little one love it so much when we received it. From the photo you can tell this is a really worth for money product, and it can be used since toddler. I regret that I know it when my little one is 3 years old already. I should buy it earlier, lol. Overall, the quality of the highchair is excellent while the price is affordable. From the last photo, you can see the wood finishing of the chair is fine.”

Retro yet looking super useful at the same time. Maybe a cushion on the seats will make it even comfortable for the kids. Just a suggestion for people whom are interested to get it.


This wraps up 20 of the best products of 2017 as recommended by you, our customers. We hope 2018 will be an even better shopping experience for everyone!

Got an amazing find or scored a great deal? Share with us at ezbuy Share & Win Facebook page. Happy Shopping!


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