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5 Groups of People Who Should Use Prime Or Else They Lugi

It’s no secret that Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. Lucky us, hey? *collective shoulder shrugs* If only our salaries were rising as swiftly as the ever-climbing costs of living here. In fact, we have been ranked as The World’s Most Expensive City once again this year, for the fourth consecutive time. Well done.

Here are five groups of people we highly believe should use Prime^ or else they lugi*:

*Refers to a widely-used Singlish expression denoting a ‘loss in monetary value’



The title of The World’s Costliest City definitely includes the reputation of our tiny cosmopolitan city-state being one of the most expensive cities in the world for expatriates to live in, and also being considered as one of the most expensive property markets in the world.

Now, this is where Prime comes into play. With Prime, you can save on shipping costs! Simply imagine rubbing your hands in glee, knowing that you can ship over a whole TV set or closet wardrobe for the master bedroom at just $2.99 – no matter how large the size dimensions are and how hefty the volumetric weight is.


New Homeowners

It’s no longer a foreign concept to buy furniture online – with several news outlets featuring stories about savvy new homeowners buying their homewares from China merchants and other various online shopping platforms or niche furniture stores.

Similar to how expatriates can gain huge savings when it comes to furnishing their new abodes, new homeowners of BTO or resale flats can employ the same tactic of using Prime and look forward to enjoying unbeatable savings! All this and more – when they realise just how beneficial it is to save on one aspect of furnishings so as to be able to splurge on other parts of a home renovation such as buying better-quality floor tiles.


Budding Online Entrepreneurs

The advent of consumer-to-consumer (C2C) buying &/or selling platforms, such as Carousell, eBay, Qoo10 and so on, accounted for the increasing numbers of budding entrepreneurs of online shops and youngsters looking for easy ways to sell off things in order to make a quick buck.

If you are one of them, then you should really take advantage of Prime! Why so? To ship in all sorts of paraphernalia or goods from overseas which you would require to stock for your online business to thrive – all at just the fixed rate of $2.99 per cart checkout regardless of the quantity of items purchased.


SME Companies

With the economy still being in the doldrums and not likely to bounce back to the good ol’ days of yore anytime soon, it would do small & medium enterprises (SME) and companies well to get stock inventory of their office stationery and other items by utilising Prime. It also makes more economical sense in these trying times to have their offices decked out in furniture from ezbuy to save on all those otherwise exorbitant overseas shipping fees!



What has a housewife gotta do that would render her needing to do so much online shopping and use Prime? Well, the last time we checked – a housewife isn’t a good-for-nothing, stay-at-home parasite who survives by leeching on her husband’s income – she is a superhero-worthy figure in her own right who does everything ranging from being the Director-in-charge of Home Affairs, the one in control of the family’s purse strings and household budgeting when it comes down to giving your children their daily pocket money and getting the daily necessities your home requires to being the resident multi-tasking nanny-cum-cook-cum-chauffeur who ferries the children around everywhere, picking them up to and from school. Doesn’t that sound like an awful lot of duties to be completed?

Allow her burden to be lightened with the option of using Prime – she can then shop online in the comfort of her own home, during her downtime (i.e. when the children are all away at school) and just gotta wait for her parcels to be delivered to her address – totally removing the hassle of having to make a trip to the nearest mall then having to lug home heavy bags of groceries while reaching for her keys tucked somewhere deep within her handbag, wanting to open the front door. Sounds familiar?


^What is Prime?

Prime is a membership programme which guarantees that your shipping fees will be capped at a flat rate of $2.99 regardless of parcel size, weight and quantity of items bought per checkout. Prime labels are clearly marked on all Prime eligible items, with the Prime icon shown on the product page, ensuring easy identification. Prime membership is priced affordably at $99 for a 1 year period – a monthly breakdown shows that it costs just $8.25 per month. We also offer a 5-day Prime membership trial for only $9.90.


Delay no more and visit to score the best deals now!

For is Singapore’s largest global shopping platform by page views and number of distribution points.





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