ezbuy Complies with Authority’s Requirements for Imported Electronic Goods


Dear valued customers,

In response to inquiries from several concerned members of the public about ezbuy taking down imported electronic goods for sale on our platform, we would like to provide a clarification on this matter. In the past few months, we at ezbuy have been taking down the product listings of imported consumer electronic items to comply with local regulations.


Compliance with Local Regulatory Board

Apart from offering an extensive array of affordable items ranging from fashion apparel to toys, sports equipment, accessories, daily necessities, household goods and furniture for sale to our customers, ezbuy also sells electronic appliances imported from China, USA and Korea. However, as these appliances are imported from overseas, they need to be used together with an adaptor for they do not come attached with a 3-pin 15-amp plug that is certified for local use. These overseas appliances also do not bear the SAFETY Mark label as required by law.

Due to the nature of our business, it is not possible to register these imported items with the local authorities on behalf of overseas merchants to get the SAFETY Mark certification. As a result, such items are not allowed for sale in Singapore under current laws. At the request of SPRING Singapore, ezbuy initiated the taking down of imported electronic goods for sale on our site, to the best of our knowledge.


Policy of SPRING Singapore

SPRING, being the Safety Authority in Singapore, manages all the safety requirements of household electrical, electronic and gas appliances and accessories.

According to their policy, “all registered controlled goods for sale in Singapore must be individually marked with the SAFETY Mark either on the product or packaging. The SAFETY Mark comprises a ‘safety logo’ enclosed in a square on the left and the words “SAFETY MARK” within a rectangle on the right. Below these is a unique 8-digit registration number traceable to the registrant and the registered models”.


Provision of Alternative Sellers in Singapore

Nonetheless, we understand the needs of our customers and have constantly been working hard on the ground to seek alternative channels. For instance, we have recently launched a Local Marketplace on our site which features the sale of electronic goods sourced from local suppliers at a discount. These appliances meet the safety regulations stipulated by SPRING Singapore.

As we procure these electronic products directly from local suppliers and distributors, we are thus able to offer you a wide variety of items, including local product warranty provided by the sellers, at low competitive prices below recommended retail prices (RRP) seen outside.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your loyal and continual support over the years and assure you that we will be bringing you more value-added services and products in the coming months.

If you do happen to come across any product listing of an imported electronic appliance that is still on our website, please submit the URL link to us at to assist our team in removing it.

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