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From Mombie To Magnificent: 4 Mombie Makeup Tips

Becoming a parent introduces you to a world that no one could have ever prepared you for; strength you didn’t know you had, nerves of steel, a brain that can function (kind of) on little to no sleep, and the immense depth there is to the love you feel for your baby.

There is also a very dark underside to parenting that is full of things you weren’t warned about –that’s your face. Do you hardly recognise yourself in the mirror? Wondering what happened to the woman now hidden under bags, dark circles, blotches and wrinkles? If you look like a zombie – congrats, you’re now a mombie.

But fear not. Much of this can be solved with a quick trip to your local beauty counter.  Here’s what you need:

Think long-lasting for lips

Your lips should complement your lifestyle, not just your look. Busy moms don’t have the time to constantly reapply lipstick so look for one that promises to last forever, or try a lip stain. These suckers don’t move, and are on trend with the matte lip we’ve been seeing. Slather on a quick balm on top for extra staying power and moisture.Eye makeup that stays put

For your eyes, you’re two newest mombie makeup friends are a solid and reliable mascara that gives you plenty of length per coat, and a steadfast eyeliner that won’t melt in the heat. Liquid liners, like this pen, typically stay put better than eye pencils, which are often waxy and just don’t compete. Look for mascara brushes with plenty of bristles, and always choose a waterproof version – you never know when a glass of juice is going to be thrown your direction.

It’s all about your base

For your base, let’s discuss tinted moisturizer, foundation, as well as BB and CC creams. Tinted moisturizer is exactly that – moisturizer with a hint of colour. CC creams are made for colour correction, while BB cream is heavier than a tinted moisturizer but still lighter than full coverage liquid foundation. Which you use ultimately comes down to your preference, but if you are looking for a sheer amount of coverage that’s forgiving and quick to apply, tinted moisturizer is your best bet. On the other hand, if post-partum hormones have left your skin a ruddy, patchy mess, try something with a little more oomph.

From mombie to magnificent

If you’re just headed to the playground or the supermarket, the above is all you need. Just smooth on some tinted moisturizer, slap on a coat of mascara and put on your favourite lippy – and you’ll be sure to garner a few “have you been juicing?” and “wow, is it yoga?” comments.

If you want to feel special for that once-a-year date night out with your hubby or if you simply want to spackle over that tiredness with a shovel, try using a BB cream or foundation for more coverage, using a little CC cream or concealer where you need it most. Knock ‘em dead with a stunning lippy, like Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita (just don’t think about the name). If you have a free hand that isn’t holding a baby, grab some liquid liner for definition, then slather on as many coats of mascara as you can before you have to go change a diaper.  Dust on some rouge, spritz on your favourite scent, fluff up your roots with some dry shampoo and you will be ready to conquer the world.

I know this is a lot to take in, but don’t worry. For some women, a little splash of makeup is all it takes to help them feel pulled together and ready to leave the house – it’s 10 times better than therapy and only about 1/10th the cost. If motherhood has left you feeling frumpy and forgotten, slick on some lipstick and mascara and you’ll begin to feel like the woman you used to be before the babies happened.

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