8 Ways To Pamper Your Cats Without Breaking the Bank

I’m not kitten you right meow.

Just like what Terry Pratchett, an English author once said, “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

There are many ways to please Your Majesty and you can definitely do so without unnecessary costs. If you are the kind of owner who would burn a hole in your pocket after each visit to the pet store, stop and read this article because it is for you!


#1 Toast Cat Mat

Cats seem to seek comfort in almost everything from cardboards to your dirty floor rug. Redefine comfort for your cats with this toast cat cushion! As we approach the monsoon season, this mian bao cushion can very well serve as a good nap cushion and provide warmth for your furballs.


#2 Hippie Cat Tent

Once you go hip, you don’t go back. Not only will this hippie cat tent make your cat look like a hipster, it can also bring comfort and security to it. Cats have very strong senses- so much that their environments can become overwhelming. This is why they tend to go into hiding whenever they see an opportunity.

Create an interactive corner in your home by setting up this fort for your kitty. Throw in your cat’s favourite toys and show them the love they deserve!


#3 Transform your furball into Simba

Every cat needs an opportunity to shine. Spend some quality time with your furball and let it recreate the Simba look with this Lion’s Mane!


#4 Solid Cat Wood Hammock

The latest IKEA Pets furniture range have been melting pet owners’ hearts all over the world. While waiting for it to be available in your local shores, check out these purrfect alternatives.


#5 Give Your Cat The Proper Dental Hygiene

If you find yourself turning away from your cat whenever they yawn (for obvious reasons), it’s a sign that you need to start giving your cat proper dental hygiene. Cat teeth cleaning prevents teeth from decaying and falling out as well as various gum diseases such as periodontitis- an inflammation of gum tissues.

Using a tooth brush might be inconvenient or even ineffective. Check out this oral cleaning kit made specially for your precious feline!


#6 ‘Space’ Cat Bag

Many cats are not fans of change. They would usually prefer to stay in their place of comfort where they have grown accustomed to. However, change is necessary at some points in time. Be it a short visit to the vet or moving over to a new location. When stressed, there might be excessive cries and signs of aggression.

If you’re looking to travel with your cat, get a bag that your furball will feel safe in. Instead of dragging your kitty into a cold cage or carrier, try this pet capsule backpack! Not only can this practically-designed backpack provide comfort and security to your cat, it can also give your cat a view of the outside world while travelling like an astronaut!


#7 Become your own cat groomer!


Whether you own a tabby, a persian or a British Shorthair, you must know the importance of brushing your cat. Though cats are good at cleaning themselves, they still need help every now and then. Brushing your cat prevents mats, reduces shedding and most importantly lessen hairballs. If you have been finding excess fur all over your house, it is also a sign that there are too many.

Help your cat stay clean by removing excess dirt and debris for it today with these magical combs; do it while you give your cat its daily pat!


#8 Give your cat the scratch it needs!


Cats spend time scratching in order to remove the dead outer dead sheath of their nail and giving way to the new growth underneath. Scratching also serves as a means for cats to mark their territory as these become visual markers, allowing them to leave their scent at the same time. This means that any cat who comes close to the scratched object will be able to identify and recognize the cat who did the scratching.

If there are limited space in your home, buying a cat condo might not be too ideal as they tend to be bulky and can take up space. You can opt for a scratching post as such, that can be rolled around the table or chair legs or spread out on the floor.


For more ways to pamper your cats or pets be sure to head on to ezbuy to browse the widest selection of pet supplies and accessories!


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