A Unisex Guide For A Solo YOLO Valentine’s Day

Who says V-Day is only for couples? Even if you have no one to get all lovey-dovey and trade chocolates with, there’s no reason why you can’t have a grand time by yourself. Here are the top ways you can own Valentine’s Day.

Throw a party

Round up all your pals for a show-and-tell of mortifying proportions, and ask them to invite their single friends — the more the merrier and this is the kind of party that is more fun with strangers. Have everyone tell their worst stories of the funniest, crappiest and most tragic Valentine’s Days they have ever lived through, soften the ordeal with lots of beer and laugh the night away.

Crash on the couch

Give in to the one big advantage that singles have over those who come in a pair: be as much of a slob as you want. So go on, cosy up with ice-cream, the all-important remote and get on with the Netflix programme. There’s no one to impress and no one who will judge. Whether you want to turn it into a sob-fest or laugh your head off with a comedy night, you’re the boss.

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Get on with something that you’ve been putting off

Do something that you’ve been procrastinating on. Been meaning to repaint the bathroom, clean out your wardrobe or organise your bookshelves? Do it. The messier and sweatier the job, the bigger the sense of accomplishment after.

Indulge yourself

If all you want is to make yourself feel better, do what you must and do it well. Book a pampering spa session, get your nails and hair done and click “check out” on that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing online. Look a million bucks and you’ll feel it too. Or, if you’ve been wondering whether to get that latest gaming device or new camera, there’s no better time than now.

Go on a solo trip

Drop everything, pack your bags and head off for a one-party vacation. Singapore is not an aviation hub for nothing, whatwith so many cheap connections to amazing destinations just a short flight away. Check out relatively uncharted territories like Yangon, feed your imagination at the crumbling majesty of the Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, or book yourself into a sumptuous villa in Bali.

Sign up for that class

You’ve always wanted to learn how to surf or to play the drums. You have been too scared to join singing or acting classes even though your secret lifelong ambition is to perform — which you recently rediscovered after seeing Lalaland. Perfecting a recipe for homecooked chilli crab is your latest desire after obsessively watching Chef’s Table. Well, there’s nobody to stop you. Do it.

Volunteer at a dog shelter

It’s true. Dogs will never let you down. Shower your love on adorable canines by volunteering at animal shelters like SOSD Singapore or Animal Lovers League. Many of the shelters not only look for individuals who can commit to spending time with the dogs or helping out with maintenance duties on-site, they also welcome volunteers who can help with fundraising events. Those with expertise in publicity and communications can also help with in-house publications or the organisations’ social media platforms.

Work with women for women

Do your part for women’s rights and gender quality. Some organisations to check out include the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) and Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT). The former is a prominent group that advocates equal opportunity for men and women, and is dedicated to eliminating gender-based barriers, which the latter is a charity working to empower underprivileged women by creating sustainable jobs. Offer your time and service as a volunteer, or make a donation. What can we say? There’s no greater celebration of love than helping to advance human equality.


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