The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your Man A Gift Online

Even the man who has everything will appreciate a gift that spells thoughtfulness. That said, maybe don’t just stop at writing him a heartfelt card. Pamper your man with a little extra something. Online shops have such a huge range of men’s offerings these days, it’s convenient to order something even if you don’t feel like stepping into brick-and-mortar stores.

Skip the generic stuff

You have only gone on a few dates and Valentine’s Day is looming over your head. You don’t feel like you know him well enough to get him something he will love. Even then, resist the urge to check out chocolate or candy (God forbid, unless it’s your five-year-old nephew that you are buying a gift for). Nothing screams insincerity more. Equally not okay are belts and ties. Not only are these cliched gift items — hence, boring — wardrobe items are risky. You have to be absolutely clued in to his taste, and don’t assume that just because he doesn’t look fashionable, he doesn’t have highly specific criteria for what he is willing to put on. Fashion is easy; style is deeply personal. 

Arouse his curiosity

Think novelty but not cheesy. A slogan mug, no matter how humourous, is a no-no. VR headsets or glasses  , however, could be fun to figure out and a great conversation point. The goal is to pique his interest and get him excited.Pay attention to what he says or Googles

Sure, you could ask him straight up what he wants but where’s the fun in that? The key to delivering a good surprise is to be attentive. Has he been obsessively checking out drone cameras online? Did he casually mention that he needs a new portable battery pack? Or recently develop an interest in urban farming and vertical gardening racks. Jot it down and start shopping.

Get something that aligns with or reflects his interests

Is he into hiking and camping, and grouchy until he gets his morning caffeine hit? Get him a neat outdoor coffee maker. Is he into indie music and record players? Try rare vinyl or a great set of headphones. Buying him something that feeds his hobbies or interests is the easiest way to show that you have been listening and you care that he has a good time doing what he loves.

A gift is not for dropping hints

If he’s a shorts and flip flops kinda guy, you want to save the wardrobe revamp for the rest of the year. Yes, the whole year. Keep supplementing his wardrobe the rest of the time, but as a gesture of love, give him a break on V-Day and stop trying to change him. Similarly, this is not the time to help him become who you want him to be. That means no self-help or motivational gifts to help him achieve success, and no gym membership to help him lose weight, none of that.

Add a personal touch

Get him something that is one-of-a-kind — he will love knowing that he has something no one else can have. Customised sneakers that allow you to dictate colour and materials online, for instance, are a good bet. Inscriptions, engravings, monograms and so on add an excellent finishing touch to a great gift. Anything can be personalised, so get creative. A smartwatch or a new mobile phone? Load it with a playlist of songs that the two of you love.

Don’t break the bank

It’s temping to click check out on all your shopping baskets because you just want to get him everything you think he will love. Avoid the credit card debt, not to mention the resultant strain it can have on your relationship. Instead, plan a budget, and stick to it.

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