How To Stay Dry This Monsoon Season: A Definitive Guide to The Most Helpful Umbrellas

Thundery skies with heavy clouds overcast. The weather looks set to rain with showers expected to pour in most parts of Singapore all afternoon this week, and temperatures rising to a high of 35°C. The weather forecast doesn’t seem to bring such great news.

Well, with the effects of global warming and the El Niño phenomenon going on, worldwide temperatures have been soaring and rainfall has been at a record high due to evaporation and precipitation of clouds as a result of the increased temperatures. Furthermore, we’re currently in the midst of a monsoon season. According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), “[T]he prevailing inter-monsoon conditions are expected to continue for the rest of April 2017 and extend into May 2017. During the inter-monsoon period, the monsoon rain band typically lies close to the Equator. The inter-monsoon period is characterized by days that are generally warm with daily temperatures of 33°C to 34°C, and could reach up to 35°C on some days.”

To that, we say: arm yourself with the right rainwear and a trusty umbrella to keep yourself dry as much as possible.

Watermelon Print Patterned Foldable Umbrella $10.47

Inject some fun into your outfit by toting this watermelon print patterned foldable umbrella during rainy days. Good for hot summer days to shield yourself from the burning sun too!

Pink Cherry Print Foldable Umbrella $7.37

Let this pink cherry print foldable umbrella with UV protection 🍒 cheer up your day whenever it rains~

Lettuce Print Foldable Umbrella $16.93

This one’s for salad lovers, or rather more specifically, lovers of the lettuce vegetable. Show off your love for salad greens by using this unique choice of an umbrella! And perhaps, you may just start a new trend with fellow vegans, #trendsetter.

Hello Kitty Umbrella with Kitty Ear Flaps $9.80

Fans of the world-famous feline Hello Kitty, rejoice! Get yourself this highly affordable umbrella or if you’re feeling too old for it, give it to your daughter/cousin/niece/neighbour’s child… you get the drift. Whatever it takes to spread your love for this cutesy Sanrio character, right?

Assorted Character Children’s Umbrella $7.39

Entice younger kids into forming the good habit of carrying their own umbrella to shelter themselves during rainy weather with this assortment of various character umbrellas for you (or your child) to choose from. With an umbrella this appealing to their peers, we guarantee you that your child will definitely find every chance to open it.

Muji-inspired Long Handle Umbrella $6.52

This range of umbrellas, with its clean lines, simple patterns and earthy tones, will surely appeal to minimalists.

Glossy Translucent Umbrella $2.99

Those who absolutely adore the 80s will be thrilled to see this range of glossy translucent umbrellas in a variety of colours including a clear transparent one! Time to channel your inner Bananarama by toting this brolly.

Totoro Foldable Umbrella $5.62

This is for fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film My Neighbour Totoro – maybe you won’t be able to board the magical cat bus but you sure can use this Totoro umbrella! Wheeeeee~

Foldable Rainbow Umbrella $5.06

If you’re the kind who doesn’t let anything – including rainy gloom and thundery doom – dampen your cheerful spirits, then this foldable rainbow umbrella is made for you!

Long Handle Rainbow Umbrella $7.84


A bigger version of the rainbow umbrella with a long handle for your easy toting – how else are you gonna proclaim to the world that nothing can rain on your parade?

Children’s Rainbow Umbrella $7.19

A positive parent begets a positive offspring. Train your child to be an optimist like you and to always look on the bright side no matter how dark the weather may seem to be!

Rainbow Wearable Umbrella Hat $2.50

Technically speaking, this isn’t the usual umbrella but rather, it’s a hands-free umbrella hat for you to wear on your head. Good for situations requiring you to use both your hands, such as fishing, hiking or other outdoor activities. It looks wacky as hell to boot!


Reverse Umbrella

There has been much hype surrounding the reverse umbrella with it having many names all throughout the world including Aahbrella, Kazbrella, Suprella and Yobrella. What you ought to know is that this is essentially an inverted umbrella which opens and closes in reverse – catching droplets of rainwater inside it and hence, stops water from dripping onto the floor. No more slippery mess! Opening and closing this reverse umbrella proved to be a breeze as well as it avoids poking passers-by in the head.

Fuss-free, easy opening of the Reverse Umbrella


Usefulness of C-shaped handle


Key Features of Reverse Umbrella




Yobrella sells the inverted umbrella for USD27.90.


Oliver Clod sells it for USD38.


Kazbrella sells it for GBP45.


Suprella sells it for USD49.99.

As much as you can’t wait to lay your hands on this awesome reverse umbrella, we have a piece of great news to share – you can get this at a MUCH CHEAPER price on ezbuy! What’s more? You get to choose from so many varieties, colours and designs of the reverse umbrella! Without keeping you in further suspense, let us take you through some of the designs.

Reverse Umbrella with Blue Skies & White Clouds Design $5.80

Hello Kitty Reverse Umbrella $9.44

Doraemon Reverse Umbrella $9.44


With that, we hope you’ll brace yourself for the rainy (and humid) months ahead!

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