5 Reasons Why You Should Join The Gig Economy

Do you often find that you can’t commit to full or part-time employment due to other commitments?

Whether you are seeing friends and family, studying for university or working crazy hours to buy that one thing you’ve always wanted – time and money just isn’t on your side?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Thanks to the rapid rise of the Gig Economy in Singapore and platforms such as UShift, it has made two mutually exclusive events finally achievable – earning money from interesting jobs and having time to do what you love.


Here are 5 reasons why you should switch from traditional employment to the Gig Economy and choose from thousands of different jobs you’ll love:

#1 Find cool and interesting jobs

Have you ever wanted to go to a music festival or concert and get paid at the same time? Event agencies are always looking for short-term staff to lend a helping hand and they advertise for interesting roles such as stewarding, games representatives and PR.

Oh, and they pay very well!


#2 Be your own boss

No one likes being bossed around, being told what to do, or where and when they have to work. With the choice of thousands of shifts, you can pick any one that suits your time.

Got a BBQ at 4pm? Go and enjoy yourself – only work when you want to.


#3 Boost your skillsets

Experimenting with different jobs can be fun and learning new skills will increase your chance of finding your perfect job!

We understand that getting your ‘foot in the door’ can sometimes be difficult. This is especially so if you have no experience in a particular industry. In the Gig Economy, you can try out different jobs in different industries and discover career paths you may never have imagined going down!


#4 More options and choices

At UShift, you are able to fill out your jobs interests so they can match you to your perfect shift. If a job doesn’t take your fancy, simply apply for another one!

Experience freedom and flexibility to the max and pick jobs which suit your lifestyle, time and skillset.


#5 You don’t need a CV

Applying for a job has never been easier. Whether you’re sitting on your couch, returning from the gym or buried under your study books, simply download the app and enter your job interests. Then, get matched with a job instantly from businesses all across Singapore!

Gone are the days of printing and distributing hundreds of CVs to companies in the hope that one will accept you!


About UShift

UShift is an on demand, AI-powered staffing platform, matching businesses and events with ad hoc workers for short-term jobs. They work with a large range of different companies to find you awesome jobs in start-ups, events, F&B, retail, logistics and many more! UShift can help you find your next part-time or freelance job.

So how much money can I make using the Gig Economy?

Karen Ng, now a veteran UShifter, earned $750 last month. Karen only completed 10 shifts last August. You can do the math!

Also, did you know that you are rewarded for completing jobs with more than just money? UShift sends you exclusive deals on brands you love! The more jobs you complete, the better the reward. Pretty cool, right!?

Some interesting jobs UShift has had on their platform recently:

  • Photographer
  • Puma Brand Ambassador
  • Food Designer
  • Servers at Tanjong Beach Club
  • Sales Assistant at Dior
  • Bartender
  • Assistant at Sunday Social Market
  • Brand Ambassador at Megafash


This article was written in collaboration with UShift.

Look out for attractive giveaways and updates on their Facebook and Instagram! 



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