Matching Couple Items Beyond Just Outfits

We get it. You’re in the throes of love. Nothing fazes you, everything puts a smile on your face. You want to do everything together, and you want to tell the world you have found your perfect match and that you and your other half are so made for each other that you always end up liking the same stuff.

By all means, go all out. Life is short and you should do whatever makes you happy. If that means wanting to wear identical clothes with your partner, here’s a suggestion: Don’t limit yourselves. Instead, get creative. Why only match outfits when you can have so much more fun? Read on and you’ll find that the possibilities are endless.

From laptop bags to phone casings and playlists

We’re all so wired to our tech goods these days that it makes sense to start with your armoury of gadgets and devices. Do you often spend time studying or working at a cafe together? Get his and hers versions of the stuff that protect or decorate your laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Go beyond matching colours and opt for less run-of-the-mill designs like marbled film protectors, wooden cases, personalised stickers and sleeves of a more unique design.

Take it up a notch by getting the same statement headphones or earphones too. Add a playful, romantic touch by taking turns to do a playlist for your mobile devices every week, so you can both listen to the same songs even when you’re not together.

Sneakers, backpacks, caps and sunglasses

Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend tees, boyfriend button-down shirts and boyfriend hoodies. Girls appropriating men’s wardrobe classics for themselves is so mainstream these days that no one bats an eyelid. Fashion has gotten casually unisex, even asexual. This makes it much easier to own and wear the same items as your partner while keeping to your own style.

White sneakers are incredibly versatile. They look just as good with jeans or a suit as with skirts and dresses, which means you can always be out in the same shoes even if you’re decked out in different outfits. Look for styles that run in a large range of sizes.

Backpacks and caps work the same way, offering much styling range for both men and women. The best styles to try for his and hers looks are minimalist designs that are of a solid colour, or those that play with texture and have understated details. Try a backpack that everyone would be happy with, or some cool caps.

While you’re at it, don’t forget sunglasses for a killer touch. Go all out with a fashionable shape like this round vintage style or pick a classic, such as the universally flattering wayfarers.


Matching outfits need not mean kitschy

If you are adamant about wearing matching outfits, pick a classy approach instead of raising eyebrows by wearing the exact t-shirt, shorts and flip flops out. For instance, you can pick a combo like denim and stripes and work within those parameters. Pick the same striped tee and wear it with jeans for him and shorts for her. Work the same jeans with different striped tops. Alternatively, you can also try a timeless pinstripe shirt and shirtdress combo.

Another way to do it is to pick a colour theme so you can wear the same hues in a more unexpected manner. Try a navy top with khaki bottoms, for example. Not only is it subtler, onlookers tend to take a while to notice and when they do, it’s a “did they or did they not?” moment that lends a nice surprise.

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