Fun Games to Enjoy on a Playful Wedding

Wedding ceremonies are heartwarming and beautiful. After the solemn event, you’d want your guests to unwind and have a good time. To add some more fun into your party, opt for some exciting wedding games. Aside from being fun, these games will help your friends and family to engage during your special day and ensure that your wedding will be one event to remember.


Originating in the Midwest, this is one of the most popular wedding games.

How to play: Players take turns throwing bags of corn toward the hole. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. The game continues until a team or player reaches the score of 21.

Marriage Advice 101

This is a simple, yet super fun game for the intimate wedding receptions.

How to play: Provide index cards and pens for each table. Guests have to come up with the best marriage advice for the newlyweds. Read out some of the highlights throughout the night. Award gifts for the funniest advice, the best advice, and any other category you can think of.

Guess Who?

Put the bride and groom in the spotlight by playing this fun game.

How to play: Have the groom blindfolded, and line up as many guests as you want, from young to the old. Challenge the groom to figure out which one in the lineup is his new bride and get ready to fill the room with laughter.

Giant Jenga

This fun ice breaker is suitable for casual celebrations held at an outdoor wedding venue.

How to play: Jenga is played with 54 wooden blocks. Each block is three times as long as its width, and one fifth as thick as its length. During the game, players take turns in removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. Each block removed is then balanced on top of the tower, creating a progressively taller but less stable structure.

The Shoe Game

It’s the time to know if the bride and groom can give funny answers.

How to play: The couple sits back-to-back so they don’t see each other’s answers. They swap a shoe with each other so they are holding one of each. Someone asks the couple a series of questions about their relationship, ranging from the sweet questions such as “Who said ‘I love you’ first?” to funny questions like, “Who is the better driver?”, moving on to embarrassing questions such as “Who has the smelliest feet?” The couple answers the question by holding up the corresponding shoe.

Oversized Word Search

Get creative and let the guests guess details about you and your groom.

How to play: Transform a classic chalkboard into a creative word search game that your guests can try their hand at all evening long. The trick is to write the letters in permanent paint and provide chalk only for circling words.

Guest Book Questionnaire

This is a very simple game, but it is effective for creating lasting memories for you.

How to play: Ask your wedding invitation designer to create some fun questionnaires. Questions like “What should we name our kids?”, “Best marriage advice you’ve ever received?”, and “What is your favorite memory of us?” will definitely get you some funny answers, especially after the guests have hit the bar!

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