Affordable Cool Kitchen Stuff You Need to Live a Healthier Life

Here are some recommended cool stuff for your kitchen to make your healthy living easier! And, they won’t hurt your wallet much!


Ozone Vegetables and Fruits Detoxifier – S$54.00


This 10-litre capacity detoxifier helps to remove harmful chemicals and bacteria on vegetables and fruits you brought home from the market.

It is a common practice for many households in Singapore to soak vegetable and fruits for minutes and some even for hours believing it will be able to remove the unwanted chemical and bacteria. However, the reality is not as per what we could imagine – soaking and rinsing with water is not sufficient!

The latest innovative Ozone purification technology made it possible for you to cleanse your vegetables and fruits thoroughly – via the most cost-saving and environmentally friendly way!


Portable Soda Maker – S$62.00


Ever thought of making your own fizzy drinks with your favourite flavour without artificial colour and lesser sugar? This soda maker can make your dream comes true!

The technology behind this soda maker is similar to the soft drinks dispenser machine you can find at fast-food restaurants and convenience shop – just imagine this as the mini version. With this soda maker, you can turn your fruit juice, tea and even boring plain water into #fizzy #bubbly #refreshing drinks. It takes just 30 seconds to make this magic!

Plus-point – this soda maker doesn’t just sit in your kitchen. You can bring them to picnics, potluck etc.


Mini Electric Popcorn Maker – S$39.00


Popcorn is not only a cinema snack – you can now make your own popcorn at home too. It takes just 3 minutes to pop the corn and you can munch them while watching Netflix on your comfy couch. All you need to do is adding the corn kernels into the popcorn maker and let them pop – then fold in sugar or salt to taste.

Popcorn is a healthy whole grain snack – if you are on a strict diet, try out the plain popcorn (skip the sugar and salt). It contains only 31 calories per cup.


All-In-One Hamburger Maker – S$58.00


What about making your own burgers?

Some of you might say: “No way! There are so many steps to building a burger. Need to toast the bread lah, grill the patty lah, fried the egg lah… Don’t even think about cleaning the mess after that.”

Let’s not worry because this all-in-one hamburger maker can be your helper. You can cook the ingredients and stack your burger – all on this maker. No need to worry your burger will slide off too!

It is a good option to make your own burger because you can control the ingredients and make a less sinful juicy burger.


Automatic Yogurt Maker – S$29.00


If you and your family love yoghurt, you might want to consider making some on your own!

Homemade yoghurt is almost half the price of buying plain yoghurt from the supermarket. Try calculating the cost – it may surprise you! And, most importantly, making your own yoghurt allows you to control the whole process from choosing the type of milk and yoghurt cultures to eliminating the unnecessary additives.

This automatic yoghurt maker with 1-litre capacity can help you to make yoghurt while you are sleeping. Mix the milk and yoghurt culture – then press the start button and you can enjoy the yummy yoghurt for breakfast the next morning (8 – 10 hours).



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