2019 Chinese Zodiac Forecast – Is The God Of Fortune By Your Side This Year?

2019 Zodiac Forecast

The golden pig is rolling out money to you!
Wishing everyone the best of health and a happy lunar new year!

Chinese New Year is finally coming, also known as, the one time of the year where we can pig out and nobody can blame us for it (muahaha). This year, Chinese New Year will fall on 5th February 2019 and we will be ushering the Year of the Pig!

For those who are born in the Year of the Pig, you will be in conflict with “Tai Sui” this year. But no fret, get tips from Feng-Shui Master Bee and ensure a smooth-sailing year ahead (yay!).

Find out more about your 2019 zodiac forecast below to see whether you will be heng or suay this year.








Lucky Number: 5, 7, 13

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Best Affiliation: Dragon, Monkey

Forecast: 2019 will be a great year for your career progression and pay increment. However, be extra cautious of your health this year by exercising more to prevent major illnesses. Do not loan money to others or risk not getting your money back. Singles will face competition while finding a potential partner. But don’t be disheartened! You will just need a little more creativity and courage to win his/her heart. Couples intending to get married this year should cut down on social events and make time for your partner to prevent jealousy.



Lucky Number: 1,6,9

Lucky Colour: Blue, Black

Best Affiliation: Snake, Rooster

Forecast: Your hardworking and gung ho attitude towards your job will be rewarded in 2019 with more recognition by your superiors! However, beware of jealous colleagues that might obstruct your career progression. This might cause stress to your health, so drink more bird nest and ginseng to calm your mind and body. There will be unlimited money-making opportunities for you, so don’t miss a huge opportunity to strike rich! Your love life this year will be smooth-sailing, so if you are intending to get married, this is the year! Your marriage will be blessed with harmony and romance for many years to come.



Lucky Number: 1,7

Lucky Colour: Red

Best Affiliation: Horse, Dog

Forecast: There will not be any major career milestones this year as your career luck is fair but be patient as your time will come! Your health luck has improved from last year so continue to stay healthy by exercising frequently and having a healthy work life balance. Try to be more creative and generate more money-making opportunities to keep your cash flowing in! For those of you who are single, this year will present more chances for you to find your ideal companion! You should attend more social events for a step closer to finding the love of your life.



Lucky Number: 4, 9, 17

Lucky Colour: Green

Best Affiliation: Goat, Pig

Forecast: 2019 will be the best year you have had in years due to your compatibility with the Pig! There will be an opportunity for a career change which will provide more income for you. Your all-around good luck will put you in a good mood thus boosting your health. Your wealth this year is excellent, but do not be complacent and remain hardworking to get your merits. Your love life this year will also be blissful and fulfilled. Singles will have a great chance at finding a perfect match at first sight while couples might want to consider getting engaged or married.



Lucky Number: 5, 9, 12

Lucky Colour: White

Best Affiliation: Rat, Monkey

Forecast: If you are having difficulties in your career, 2019 will bring forth major changes! Your career is expected to be filled with good opportunities with good income being generated into your pocket. However, this period of busy career opportunities will cause your health to suffer greatly. Your wealth is fair this year so get someone with knowledge to guide you along for investments to not burn your own fingers. For single ladies and gents, you will have a good chance of finding your true love this year, so good luck!

Lucky Number: 0, 7, 9

Lucky Colour: Red, White

Best Affiliation: Ox, Rooster

Forecast: 2019 will prove to be a tough challenge ahead for you. Your career will be full of pressure situations which could be overcome with perseverance and will. With immerse pressure comes faltering health. You are advised to do outdoor activities frequently to relieve stress and stay healthy. Be cautious and conservative when spending to prevent massive monetary losses. For couples, you should be patient and accommodating with your other half to avoid conflicts and retain a harmonious relationship.



Lucky Number: 2, 7, 19

Lucky Colour: Purple

Best Affiliation: Goat, Tiger

Forecast: Your drive for success and reputation will pay off this year with  career promotion opportunities! For those who are intending for a career change, your new position will be filled with opportunities and rewards. Your health this year will be excellent but continue taking care of your health as it will pay dividends for years to come. Refrain from spending too much and continue working diligently for a stable income. For single ladies and gents, try heading out to more job networking sessions to increase your chances of meeting your dream half.



Lucky Number: 4, 6, 14

Lucky Colour: Red, Orange

Best Affiliation: Horse, Rabbit

Forecast: Look forward to a fruitful and prosperous year of the pig! Your career will provide you with promotion opportunities and with that comes higher income. With good luck from the pig, you will be blessed with great health all year round. Money will come to you like a fountain this year but take note of your spending habits!  For those who are single, do not miss this opportunity as this year is the best time to find your ideal companion! However, you will have to take the first step to prevent another year of being lonely.



Lucky Number: 2, 5, 11

Lucky Colour: Blue, Yellow

Best Affiliation: Rat, Dragon

Forecast: This will be a stagnant year for your career but don’t be disheartened, continue to work hard and the opportunities will show themselves. The unhappiness and stress of working hard to little results will impact your health greatly, it is advised to take short holidays once in awhile to de-stress your mind and body. You will have to work smarter to create your opportunities to strike the riches. But refrain from risky investments to prevent money loss. Be patient when finding love, do not force yourself into a relationship which will end up in a failure.



Lucky Number: 0, 5, 9

Lucky Colour: Pink

Best Affiliation: Ox, Snake

Forecast: Your career development will have a significant improvement from the past year. However, should you encounter any troubles, a colleague born in the year of the Horse will be there to assist you. Your health will take a dive this year, so stay active in outdoor activities and take care of your body to prevent serious illnesses. There will be opportunities for you to earn money, but you will have to be more intelligent and creative to put yourself in the position to earn. For couples, you should show more concern to your other half and listen to their opinions to prevent conflicts.


Lucky Number: 4, 8, 18

Lucky Colour: Green, Brown

Best Affiliation: Horse, Tiger

Forecast: This year will present many career opportunities to you. For those eyeing a job change, you will be offered with multiple choices but accept the offer only when you are passionate and well-prepared. As your health luck is fair, get rid of the excuses you have and exercise regularly. There will be many money-making opportunities during the year of the pig but your fair money luck will cause you to miss some of them. You might want to seek professional help when managing money. Couples will have a harmonious and affectionate year together but refrain from rushing into marriage.




Lucky Number: 2, 3, 9

Lucky Colour: Red, Gold

Best Affiliation: Rabbit, Dragon

Forecast: 2019 is your animal year and thus conflicts Tai Sui. Your career luck will suffer a downturn with multiple obstacles along the way. Practice patience and stay away from any work you are unfamiliar with. Your health will suffer due to your all-around misfortune, spend more time with your family and friends to ease your depression. Be extra cautious of your wealth as villains around might try to cheat your money. For singles out there, this might not be the year for you to find love as there will be fierce competition out there. Instead, focus on yourself and things will get better in the long run.


立春/ “Li Chun” Day falls on 4th February this year! It’s a day to symbolise the beginning of spring but for us Singaporeans, this day is better known as the best day to bank-in our money to ensure we huat this year! Check out the auspicious timings to do so below.

For example: For those who are born in the Year of the Rat, it is best to Bank-In an amount consisting of number 5, 7 or 13 ($500, $700, $1300), wearing yellow outfit.

Get maximum “huat” by wearing your lucky colour and depositing amounts consisting of your lucky number so your “kaching” will flow in like water and you may strike it rich this year!

This concludes our 2019 chinese zodiac forecast and 2019 Li-Chun bank-in timing! So to all our friends who “pantang” (superstitious), don’t say we never warn you.

Once again, we wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! If you are still looking for CNY outfits and goodies? Check out our 2019 Online Chinatown!

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