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Interior Design Series: Lines @ Circuit Road

4 room HDB Apartment – Circuit Road

In this new “Interior Design” series, we will be bringing you the design journey of different project done through the years. In general, we will present the facts and requirements of the home owners, the design challenge as imposed by the original layout, and the final design outcome.

Project Location: Circuit Road
Clients Profile: Newly wed young couple, both have different working hours.
Design wants: A timeless design theme, yet inspired by zen style. Home entertainment is a key crucial pointer.



So this is the original layout of the apartment.

Design Challenges:
1) L-shaped living & dining room (air-conditioning both space would be a problem)
2) Dining room is poorly lit
3) The adjacent wall beside master bathroom is considered too short for a proper wardrobe for two.

Owners input:
4) To remain as an empty room for future home planning usage
5) Possibly to be used as a home entertainment room



During the first site visit:

This bedroom wall seem to create a claustrophobic feeling, causing the living and dining to appear much smaller.

As anticipated, the dining is indeed poorly lit.

Onto the drawing board.


1) The first idea is to hack away the kitchen wall to allow more daylight through from the yard side. Of course, this leads to another problem of having lesser wall space for kitchen cabinet.

2) As the Electrical DB is located here, it will prove to be too costly to have it shifted.
3) This bedroom wall will have to go, to turn the L-shaped living-dining to a more regular shaped space. However, as the clients would want to keep this room as a home entertainment room, glass      panels can be introduced to enhance the visual effect without compromising the usage of the room.

4) Creation of a mini walk-in wardrobe so as to increase wardrobe storage space.



Subsequent design exploration proves that taking away the kitchen wall creates more problem than solving the lighting issue. Lesser wall space means lesser worktop area for food preparation, open kitchen will affect living room during cooking as well. Hence we started questioning if we could blur the boundary between kitchen and dining, introduce dual-usage for the dining space. And during the design exploration, we decided with the client to put in a design statement; a customised long table that accommodates 8 people.

Moving from 2D spatial planning to 3D designing did present additional few more challenges. Firstly, the owners would like to include trellis into the design, which are imported directly from China. Hence the first attempt is to place is at the circulation core. And this feature led us to the main design driver for the whole house; “lines”.


3D Drafts prior to first presentation to clients.


The beam that runs above the dining still gives an indication of the old dining and kitchen layout prior to the opening up of spaces.
The design principles for the spatial layout is similarly adopted for the ceiling design.

The Master Bedroom first design exploration:


Owners feedback that platform bed is out, and the bedhead not to be against the window to allow easier maintenance of the windows. Also, slightly more storage is needed for the wardrobe area.

After 2 design discussion session with consideration of practicality and material selection, here we have, the final set of artist’s impression.

Head over to avenue.sg to view more projects or view the finished project photos here.



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