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4 Home Improvement Tips With Your Ang Bao Money

Now that the Chinese New Year visiting is over and you’ve collected all the red packets there are to collect, what should you do with the money? Well, instead of drunkenly gambling your newfound cash away at your parents’ mah-jong table on the 15th day of CNY, we recommend looking around your home and seeing what you can do to spruce it up. After all the guests you’ve hosted, you might be in need of a little home improvement.

1.From the ground up

If your cousin’s two-year-old saw fit to use your prized carpet as his personal potty, it goes without saying that you need to replace it. We know all too well that it’s near impossible to remove stains from carpet, and absolutely impossible to remove odours from it.

Use this opportunity to give your living room a new look; a light-coloured carpet can brighten up a room instantly and make it look more spacious. If you are worried about dirt and stains, go for something a little more muted, or something bright but not too light.

2.A superior brew

If you’ve been relying on instant coffee for your caffeine fix so far, invest in a French press. It’s much cheaper than an espresso machine, less wasteful — and usually more affordable — than one of those new-fangled coffee capsule machines, and takes up significantly less space than a percolator.

Sure, it will take more time and effort to brew coffee with a French press than with instant coffee powder, but once you taste the difference, you’ll know it’s worth it. And as a single person, you can easily go for a small French press suitable for one to two people, which of course, means it’s more economical than most other devices and machines for coffee-making.

3.All the better to eat with

If you’ve ever had guests dine at your home, you probably know at least one well-intentioned friend or relative whose life’s goal is to be a volunteer dishwasher wherever he’s a guest. Unfortunately, his eagerness is not necessarily indicative of his thoroughness. And what’s worse than semi-clean crockery and cutlery? Well, if this helpful individual used a scouring pad on your silverware…you get the idea.

Still, it’s a good opportunity to use some of that red packet money to shop for new silverware, or at the very least, high-quality stainless steel cutlery. And don’t be afraid to go the whole hog: steak knives, butter knives, dessert forks and spoons, tea spoons, soup spoons…even a variety of good kitchen knives and other utensils if you cook regularly. That way, you’ll always be prepared, regardless of the occasion.

4.Light it up

Much like a long overdue vacation, a visit to your parents’, and that dreaded 2,000-word report, repairing and replacing fixtures around the house is one of those essential things we tend to put off. Pondering where to spend that extra CNY cash can very well lead one to stop procrastinating and check items off his to-do list.

Whether it’s a busted bulb or a need for a change in décor, replacing your current lighting can give your home a whole new look. Lighting plays a significant role in ambience, so if you want a contemporary vibe, consider the minimalist designs that are hugely popular these days. If you prefer a touch of flamboyance and old-fashioned glamour, you consider installing a chandelier. Of course, the size of the latter will depend on the kind of home you live in: a smaller chandelier would better suit a condo or HDB flat, while a landed home could accommodate something larger and more elaborate.

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