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5 Feng Shui Home Decor Tips to Attract Positive Energy this New Year

fengshui home decor tips

The Year of the Rooster is almost ending and whether you are bidding good riddance to a “suay” year or confidently preparing for your “ban luck” (blackjack) sessions, it is a common saying, 旧的不去,新的不来 (out with the old, in with the new).

For our friends born in the Year of the Dog, the Zodiac Forecast for 2018 shows that feng shui may be the key to a smooth journey. A home with good feng shui can improve our lives by fueling positive vibes, known as “qi”. So why not jot down a home face lift as part of your spring cleaning plans this coming new year?


1. De-clutter

I am sure most of us are guilty of hoarding (we know we are…oops!) – I mean that’s the reason why we dedicate that one time of the year to do spring cleaning right? Clutter is considered “stuck energy” that hinders wealth and gives room for pessimism to cultivate. Giving your space a good wipe down and keeping things organized are good ways to start.

minimalist shelf

Minimalistic Shelves ($62.80) help maximize your living space with plenty of room for additional storage like these eye-catching Patterned Cloth Baskets (From $2) or these Rattan Baskets ($8.51) for a clean aesthetic.

desk organizer

Channel those Muji-style vibes at a fraction of the price with this Desk Organizer ($16.43) that is easy on the eyes especially on days where you are overloaded with work.

dibea robot cleaner

While you are busy trying to see the surface of your table, make sure you do the same with your floor with the Dibea D960 Robot Vacuum ($226) to do the job. No more excuses, with your home electronics delivered to you as fast as 2 days from our Local Marketplace.


2. Reflective Surfaces

Good lighting is essential to circulate more energy flow so make sure you let in as much natural sunlight as possible. Otherwise, a quick fix would be to incorporate reflective surfaces like mirrors or metallic materials to keep the space feeling vibrant and alive. To prevent it from looking a tad too “bling bling”, balance the space out with warmer materials like wood.

Hexagon Stick-On Mirrors

wood Textured Floor Sticker

An affordable alternative is to use this Wood Textured Floor Sticker ($5.81) which is waterproof for easy cleaning too! We promise to keep your cheap thrill a secret.


3. High Hanging Interest Pieces

By placing interesting pieces fairly high, above the rest of the space, it draws the eyes upward to create a mood-elevating trick. This is a great way to inject personality to your home by showcasing a beloved piece of artwork, being creative with overhead lightings or painting the ceiling. Ship this chandelier and everything else in this article with ezbuy Prime for only $2.99 flat shipping per checkout regardless of weight or size.

Molecular Art Chandelier

Molecular Art Chandelier ($91.69)

quote prints

Hang positive Quote Prints ($75.31) around your home as a constant perk up which will create uplifting moods for your guests too.


4. Natural Elements

Replicating the lush energy of nature in your home will bring in wealth and abundance. Incorporate this using furniture with wooden materials or potted plants. If you have a large window that is facing a door, the energy flowing from the door will be pushing out the window. Therefore, potted plants placed near the window help to bounce back the energy.

air plants for home

If you are not someone who has green fingers, start small with Air Plants (from $2.48) which is low maintenance and visually pleasing to the eyes.

wooden oval coffee table

Wooden Oval Coffee Table ($214.58)

The fundamentals of interior design and feng shui encourage a mixture of shapes and angles. However, certain furniture like a coffee table, promote the best qi without any sharp points jutting out. The living room centers on the coffee table with people constantly moving around and facing it, making the jarring effect of the corners amplified. Therefore, it is best to choose a coffee table with curved edges for the best energy.


5. Go with Gold

You can never go wrong by using the Feng Shui wealth color –  gold! We are thankful that millennial rose gold became a thing so we will not risk our home looking like a pawn shop. This is also the perfect excuse for rose gold fanatics- not just #aestheticgoals but for your wealth! Make sure you are not doing it for the sake of it as it will only bring abundance if there is a good energy dynamic from your emotional connection to it.

Rose Gold Geometric Holders

Remember less is more. Try this Rose Gold Geometric Holders ($10.71) to add that subtle touch and perfect for storing those air plants or scented candles around your home.

bar stools

If the café industrial look is right down your alley, pair these Bar Stools ($42.18) with your open concept kitchen or high tables.

Another tip for the kitchen is to utilize the color yellow as it symbolizes good digestion. It can be a nightmare buying furniture online, especially when there is no guarantee that it will all turn up in piece. JD.com gives you the extra assurance with their JD-verified icon so you can be at ease with mishaps minimized for products like this!


Now that you have gone through our Feng Shui crash course, it’s time to re-evaluate your home décor and implement the elements according to what suits you best!

For a boost of inspiration, check out ezHome for carefully curated style collections and best sellers.

You’re welcome 😉


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