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ezbuy Furniture Collection Direct-sourced from Top China Merchants is Now Here!

Are you a regular China merchants shopper?🛋 Do you buy many bulky furniture items for your home from China merchants on a regular basis? 🏠 If that’s the case, you’d be ecstatic to know that we’re officially launching our very own ezbuy Home Furniture Collection! Now you’ll be able to shop for furniture items directly from selected sellers on ezbuy.sg, specially curated by us for your shopping convenience!

These selected sellers vary from direct distributors, manufacturers to resellers based in China. The Merchandising team at ezbuy has carefully chosen the select list of merchants based on their range of product offerings, customers’ reviews as well as their credibility in producing and delivering quality products.


We, at ezbuy, have consolidated the furniture items into four neat categories, namely Residential Furniture, Living Goods, Interior Decoration Material, and Home Furnishings, for your easy reference, as seen in the diagram below.

This EZHome Collection main landing page allows for our customers to easily navigate and search for the range of furniture items in the specific categories which they wish to view before purchasing directly off our site. In addition, we still have in place our other furniture collection site, known as the Home & Furnishing Concept Store, which caters more towards new homeowners of Housing & Development Board’s (HDB) Built-To-Order (BTO) flats looking to buy furniture items to fill their vacant newly-bought homes.


Unique and Interesting Furniture Pieces Sold On ezbuy

Two furniture collections come to one’s mind when the term ‘unique and interesting furniture’ is brought up namely, the Space Savers range of furniture as well as the Designer-inspired collection.


  • Space Savers Furniture Range

These space-saving furniture pieces are the necessity of modern homes, even more so for cram and size-restrictive shoebox flats found in cosmopolitan cities full of high-rise public housing apartment buildings such as Hong Kong and Singapore.


Mobile Nightstand, $138.98

This mobile nightstand is highly useful for those who read in bed come every night before bedtime to lull themselves to sleep. With so many compartments, it’s gonna be ultra-convenient for you to chuck away your latest read be it the newest issue of magazine copy containing the most sensationalised celebrity gossip columns for the month or your yet-to-be-completed Haruki Murakami novel.


Moveable Hidden Bookcase Cabinet, $231.79

Another must-have item for bibliophiles (also known more simply as book lovers) who have tonnes of books in their private home collection! How else are you going to showcase your wonderful range of books from all sorts of different genres? Well, this is all the more worthy to buy because it comes with the option of allowing you to hide your book collection by closing all the drawer doors. What an ingenious cabinet, we say!


Multi-purpose Foldable Chair Ladder-Stool, $92.79

For space-constrained homes, multifunctional furniture items are your best bet! Not only will these self-described space-saving furniture literally do their main job of saving space, they also double up as another useful household item. This multi-purpose foldable chair, for instance, can act as a ladder-stool in the kitchen for times when you need a little help to reach for items stored in the top-tier spice cabinet. So useful for those #verticallychallenged petite homemakers, we reckon! 😉


Foldable Fabric Sofa Lounge Set, $76.19

Love the idea of having a reading nook to yourself at home? Can’t find an affordable enough option of a comfy cushioned armchair to buy for your reading corner by the bookshelf? Well, fret not! Help is here in the form of this foldable fabric sofa lounge set which allows users to fold and stack it into various combinations and styles as you like~


Shoe Storage Rack, $61.63

Yet another multifunctional space-saving item on our recommended list! We have here, the shoe storage rack, ideal for placing near your doorstep entrance to the house – for easy removal of shoes and changing into home-floor-only slippers if you have the habit of removing footwear and wearing a pair of bedroom slippers before stepping foot on your precious and clean home floor tiles. What’s more? It comes with the padded cushion seat for you to sit on so that you can tie your shoelaces neatly before heading out to work (or school for the young kids) each morning. Win!


Hidden Storage Shelf Cabinet, $60.00

With a wider storage shelf height allowance, this hidden storage shelf cabinet can effectively aid in reducing cluttered mess in your home when you choose to store all of your uncategorized and totally random thingamajigs in it! Simply stow them all away in this handy cabinet! After all, out of sight, out of mind right? You’re welcome.


Stackable Storage Drawers with Castor Wheels, $28.44

Palatable muted colours aside, this column of stackable storage drawers can fit in most homes without disrupting the colour scheme of the original home décor. These stackable drawers will come to the rescue of many a homeowner who faces the lack of storage solutions in either their kitchen or dining room. Let the lack of space to store your stuff be history when you purchase this set of drawers which comes with additional castor wheels – making it totally moveable so that you can reposition it anywhere as you like!


  • Designer-inspired Furniture Range

Catering to well-heeled young home owners, this collection of Designer-inspired Furniture Collection pieces will captivate many, in large part due to the massive cost savings one accumulates from buying these items off ezbuy.sg instead of purchasing them at costlier marked-up pricing from traditional brick-and-mortar designer furniture shops.


Eames-inspired Shell Solid Wood Chair, $162.18

Why fork out your hard-earned monies on a piece of chair when you can get it at a lesser price here on ezbuy? Over here, at our site, this Eames-inspired shell solid wood chair will cost you less than two hundred bucks! Imagine all the cost savings you will stand to gain if you choose to buy from us! *rub hands in glee* 🤗


Solid Wood High Bar Stool, $94.36

So you want to have your own countertop bar within the confines of your lovely kitchen? Then be sure to stock up on a few of these high bar stools to complete the look! Whether you want one with backrest and a cushioned seat or one without both of these added frills – the choice is yours to make!


Industrial Lounge Cushioned Armchair, $104.65

Do you have an industrial-themed home décor? If you do, you’ll be absolutely delighted to know that this sort of cushioned armchair will totally fit the industrial theme of your home down to a T. You’ll also not be at risk of breaking the bank when you purchase these chairs for use in your dining room. Yay!


Nordic-style Cushioned Rocking Chair, $241.30

If you’re either a newly-minted mother to a precious infant or a grandparent taking care of your toddler grandchild full-time, you’ll be pleased to know of the existence of this cushioned rocking chair. Its ability to literally ‘rock’ makes it the ideal chair for new mothers to sit on in order to nurse and breastfeed their babies. Well, caregiver-grandparents can also use this rocking chair to cradle the baby and rock little junior to sleep, letting the gradual rocking motions lull the baby naturally.


Minimalist Nesting Coffee Table Set, $30.70

Currently in trend is this sort of nesting coffee table set that comes in a pair. With its minimalist look, it’s easy to see why young homeowners are fans of this iconic furniture piece – its ability to fit in any living room setting is a definite plus!


Scandinavian-style Cushioned Dining Chair, $115.12

Whether you’re someone who prefers having a cushioned backrest on your chair or one who’s a fan of simplistic furniture, this Scandinavian-style cushioned dining chair will surely tickle your fancy! Its muted colour tones further exude an air of understated elegance – one which will work wonders to enliven your dining area.


Outdoor Balcony Set Cane Chair, $199.30

This cane chair is so apt for homeowners with a balcony (or balconette, for those living in smaller flats) in their apartments. Great for outdoor living, this chair will come in handy for those lazy Saturday afternoons when all you want is to laze on this comfy seat with a book in hand to enjoy your own leisure time~


Great! So we’ve come to the end of this lengthy article. But one question remains unanswered. Readers must be wondering how they can afford the hefty shipping costs involved in shipping these gorgeous pieces of furniture from overseas to Singapore. Well, the answer is simple! With Prime membership, you can ship in a sofa that weighs a tonne at a low fixed rate of only $2.99 regardless of the volumetric size, weight and quantity of items purchased per single cart checkout.


Still not our Prime member yet? Sign up now for our Prime subscription membership services at only $99 per annum! A simple breakdown shows that it costs only $8.25 per month – talk about value-for-money worthiness! Alternatively, you can try out our 5-day trial Prime membership at only $9.90 to get a taste of all the benefits that our Prime members are privy to. Start your home furniture shopping on ezbuy.sg now at our Home & Furnishing Concept Store and EZHome Collection!

Hear it from these three satisfied Prime members:

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