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Create an Adorable Living Space for your Little Ones ! 👶🏻

Congratulations on your new little being!!! We hear you, we hear you, this precious creature is nothing short of a miracle, a gift from above, a symbol of your love, and basically – the cutest, best smelling baby in the world! You know what? We totally agree! So here are some cool ideas for creating an adorable living space befitting your little prince or princess.



Let’s start with the basics!

Table & Chair Set

This table and chair set looks nothing like those boring, stuffy ones we sat at in school and at work. That’s for later. For now, our kids deserve a fun and free spirited environment. Made from solid wood and with a back support, these are sturdy and comfortable – perfect for some colouring or hosting a tea party!


Wall Mounted Shelves

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr Seuss

We’ve heard time and time again about the importance of reading. But what of the trusty shelves upon which we place our favourite bedtime stories? Check out these creative shelves to store and display your little ones treasured possessions.



Clothes rack

You’ve spent all that money buying the cutest outfits for your little one. So why keep them hidden away behind closed doors? Put them out on display with this adorable clothes rack.


Wooden frame

Next up, put in what is arguably the most important piece of furniture for a room – a bed. This little wooden frame functions as both a comfortable playpen and a daybed for afternoon naps.



Create an instant cosy little alcove for your little one by throwing in this ceiling canopy. Simply add in cushions and fairy lights to create a delicate princess-like canopy for your little princesses, or add some play swords to create a training den for your little princes.



Style meets function with this next item. Up your cute factor with these adorable pastel coloured knot cushions!



What is a childhood without some fun? Now that you’ve created a comfortable and adorable living space for your little one, throw in some fun playthings!

Rocking horse

Together with the music box, the rocking horse is arguably one of the most iconic children’s toy. Complete your children’s room with this one!


Wooden playhouse

Your child already has the wooden bedframe pictured above. Delight your child even further with this almost identical but smaller wooden playhouse for his or her favourite doll.



Think you might be nurturing the next F1 racer? Get a head start with this car racing canvas. Pro tip: take things to the next level by adding some toy cars for extra fun.


Felt storage box

It has been said that it is important to inculcate good habits in your child while they are young. Teach your child to organise and pack up his or her toys with these felt storage boxes. These come in four different colours and are lightweight and easily portable. Further, they are machine-washable, a quality that is especially important because we know how messy children can get.



Your adorable living space is almost complete! Add in the finishing touches with these decorative elements.



These lovely frames may be used in a variety of ways. Slot in some pictures and use them as picture frames, or even as name labels for a sense of ownership.


Wall stickers

Don’t leave the walls bare! Make the room feel a little homier with some colour and décor. What’s that you say? You can’t decorate because you honestly don’t have an artistic bone in you? These super easy, fail-safe wall stickers have got you covered. Simply peel and paste for some instant fun.


Animal wall ornaments

For some ultra imaginative fun, bring the animal kingdom to your child with these adorable animal wall ornaments.


We hope you’ve gleaned some ideas on how to create your dream living space for your little ones. For more adorable furniture and décor ideas, be sure to check out our home & furnishing concept store!

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