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Colour Your Home “Lucky” This 2019 According To Your Zodiac

金猪报喜,愿您身体健康,新年快乐 (Golden Pig Wishes You Good Health & A Happy Chinese New Year). This is your perfect excuse for a home interior refresh while getting approving nods from the in-laws and relatives by incorporating your 2019 lucky colours according to your zodiac (score!). 

If you have multiple lucky colours, why not try matching them together this year to your home with our recommendations. Here are some foolproof ways for all you homeowners seeking for a 風水輪流轉 (improve your luck)!

Zodiac Lucky Color 2019


Zodiac Signs: Monkey and Rat

Nordic style home interior is still trending, which makes it easy peasy to add a touch of yellow to make your home more vibrant this 2019! A smart way is to use it as accent colours to create contrast amongst furniture in neutral tones. In fengshui, yellow, represents warmth and stimulation. By filling your living room with this color, it creates a perfect ground for hang outs with your friends and relatives as it encourages people to be more talkative.

Nordic Sofa Dust Cover Foldable Paper Stool

Left to Right: Nordic Sofa Dust Cover ($11.40), Foldable Paper Stool ($55.28)

Instead of going for big furniture pieces, why not try a printed dust cover to give your sofa a face lift (without anyone realizing it’s that same sofa last year) or a versatile foldable paper stool that you can easily move around your home for guests.


Zodiac Signs: Ox and Monkey

Play around with the shades of blue to achieve your desired mood in a specific area or room as each hue represents different elements. Choose light blue for  peace and serenity, bright blue for cleanliness and coolness or dark blue for intelligence and trust. Thankfully, blue is a friendly color which blends in with popular design themes such as biophilia and minimalism.

 Bean Bag Chair Geometric Rug

Left to Right: Minimalist Bean Bag Chair ($102.78), Geometric Rug ($14.82)


Zodiac Signs: Rooster, Goat, Pig, Snake and Tiger

It may be slightly tricky to manoeuvre around colors in your home especially if they are bright and loud- much more so, if you are intending to mix them together. A good gauge is to use the 90%-10% rule, according to design experts. Build 90% of your furniture on foundation colors like white and 10% to embrace confident hues including pink and red.

These colours of playfulness and passion can immensely transform the energy of your home. Using red will be suitable for the entertainment area eg. game room while pink is often associated with a dreamy concept and best with lounge areas.

Velvet Sofa Nordic Coffee Table
,Fortune Cat Place Mat

Clockwise: Velvet Sofa ($301.36), Round Coffee Table ($14.06), Japanese Fortune Cat Place Mat ($4.58)

If you’re feeling bold this 2019, why not go all out with this pink velvet sofa that is both lux and comfy for your Sunday afternoons but don’t let shipping weigh you down! Ship this sofa and everything else in this article @ $2.99 flat. However, if pinks/reds are not your thing, try it on smaller home items with the Fortune Cat Place Mat for your dining table to add an oriental touch, no harm if you get more huat this 2019 right?


Zodiac Signs: Rabbit and Dog

Freshen up your place by using green, often associated with nature and gives off a positive and soothing vibe. The colour is also light and energetic, making the atmosphere of the room feels less tensed- what we need after a long day of work, am I right? If you do not have green fingers, good news! Go for natural and soft tones of green (or fake plants haha) to pair the color with your home.

Fabric Curtain Partition Vintage Fan Light
Cloth Storage Box

Clockwise: Fabric Partition ($24.11), Vintage Fan Light ($66.04), Cloth Storage Box ($6.24)

BTO Owners, not sure how to feel about your new open concept kitchen? No fret, use a fabric partition to divide your living and cooking space tastefully. We are all for multi-functional furniture! Opt for this vintage green ceiling fan light, that is not only practical but creates an interesting high piece to draw the eyes upwards, a mood-elevating trick.


Zodiac Signs: Dragon and Snake

White fits into all styles, giving a clean and effortless look. It works well with materials like glass, mirror, metallic furniture and decorations to create a pristine modern interior. Not to mention, it creates a great foundation to build colors especially if you have a few colours in mind to include in your home.

Foldable Wall Table Storage Bench
Brick Wallpaper Auto-Touch Dustbin

Clockwise: Foldable Wall Table ($29.30), Window Storage Bench ($36.40), Brick Wallpaper ($3.49), Auto-Touch Dustbin ($16.38)

Ever got your new flat and think: “This is way smaller than I thought!”? You are not alone! Use hidden storage such as the window storage bench that you can lepak on and nobody would know you are keeping your dry groceries or toiletries inside. The thought of how expensive a feature brick wall turning you off? It doesn’t have to cost a bomb, use a brick wall sticker that is way more reasonable in price point.


Zodiac Signs: Horse

Purple, duped as the colour of the king, creates another vibrant accent to the interiors but is not usually seen in many homes. Don’t shy away from it! We recommend going for softer shades like lilac which brings a calming effect. However, if you are striving for that high-SES lifestyle, incorporate darker purples like plum which gives a mysterious and posh feel.

Kids Elephant Chair Dried Lavender

Left to Right: Elephant Kids Chair ($57.20), Dried Lavender Flower ($3.17)

That concludes our picks for your 2019 zodiac lucky colours! With over 6 Million products on ezbuy Prime, there is definitely something you can find for your dream home without worrying about the shipping. That’s right, ship all your bulky furniture @ only $2.99 flat all year round. That means you can save more money this Chinese New Year especially after giving out so many ang baos this year- yes, we feel you.

Remember to checkout from now till 20 January 2019, to ensure you receive your furniture before the Chinese New Year. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and to HUAT this 2019 with your lucky colors in check!

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