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5 Steps to Build Your BTO House to Home (Sweet Home)


Either you have already collected your house key or still counting the days to see your house completed brick by brick – this a must read for you to plan out steps from having an empty house to a home sweet home for yourself and your loved ones.

And, this is also a recommended guide for you to get all that you need for your new house with a super affordable price* online! Many furnitures and home equipment sellers had listed their products on various online platforms. You no longer need to spend your weekends visiting showrooms across the island to survey and get things that you need. It is so convenient that you just need a mobile app (download now) to browse and place your order – next, “ding dong” and your order arrives at your doorstep!

*Break the myth: Cheaper price offered online doesn’t mean the products are with poor quality. It is just because selling through online store had eliminated many costs incurred in setting up a retail shop as well as middlemen fees! 



Step 1 – Installation

Get the right accessories for your house that requires installations even before your renovation starts. Once you have got the renovation design plan, ask your interior designer to give you the specification of the accessories required so you can start sourcing for the accessories that would fit your dream home. Some interior designers would recommend you to buy at their affiliated shop but hey, that’s not the only alternative. You can buy them online and deliver to your new house directly – go get it now!

Minimalist Style Ceiling Fan with Lights (S$ 66.21)

Nordic Style Pendant Light (S$20.17)

Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet with Single-handle Bar (S$48.38)

Step 2 – Furniture

We are now entering everyone’s favourite step – furniture shopping spree! It is the time for you to pour out all your dream furniture collected in your mind into an “idea basket”. Some of the mini steps here are to sort out your “idea basket” into sections like the bedroom, living room, dining room and home office. Then filter them a bit with your selected theme – it can be either minimalist, nordic, urban modern and even flamboyant. Lastly (also the most important point), set the right budget for the furniture so you won’t overspend. Once you have figure out all these, you are ready to start your shopping spree – go get it now (p/s: free sea shipping and up to 20% off for selected items)!

Nordic Style Dining Chair (S$32.94)

Vintage Wooden Book Shelf (S$52.08)

Stylish Coffee Table with Storage Space (S$16.98)

Step 3 – Home Décor

Guys, halfway there! Next, we can start decorating and make the home sweeter and more like yours. At this point of time, if you are thinking you might not have a sufficient budget, don’t worry! Loads of creative home decors stuff that would make your home look designer-ish without the need to spend an extravagant amount. How? Get it yourself from the manufacturing countries through ezbuy. Plus, ezbuy now offers up to 70% off for selected home décor items – go get it now!

Waterproof Geometric Patterns Table Runner (S$9.03)

Vintage Coin Saving Box (S$11.43)

Creative Hexagon Designer Wall Clock (S$28.48)

Step 4 – Home Essentials

Now let’s be practical. Storage & organisers, linen & bedding, laundry accessories and cleaning tools – all these are essentials for your home that you would have no excuse to miss them. Either you are a fan of #KonMarie or celebrating the art of clutter, all these home essentials would be your good helper. Come and pick things that would spark joys with up to 50% off for selected home essentials – go get it now!

IKEA-style Moveable 3-Tier Storage Shelf (S$33.31)

Pastel-coloured Desk Organiser (S$2.23)

Cute Animal Emoji Foldable Laundry Bag (S$8.25)

Step 5 – House Warming Preparation

Finally, everything is in place (oh yeah!). Let’s make the last step merrier and invite your family and friends for a house warming party. And, probably you can show off too – of all the smart decisions that you have made which makes you save a lot while having an #instaworthy home (sweet home). Don’t let the last step ruins all. Get your house warming stuff here and prepare the best house warming party to impress your guests – go get it now!

Hipster Porcelain Serving Bowls with Wooden Tray (S$13.71)

Easy-to-use Mini Chocolate Fondue (S$12.23)

Vintage Embossed Ceramic Cup (S$5.70)

Bonus Step – Share Your Awesome Stuff with your social circle!



Don’t forget to share your awesome idea and purchases online with your friends and the online community! Your little effort on sharing your stuff on social media might help many people – never underestimate the power of  “Sharing is Caring”! XOXO

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