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10 Brilliant Organisation Hacks for Your Bedroom Closet

Your wardrobe is stuffed to the brim and yet you seem to be perpetually bemoaning that you have nothing to wear. If that sounds familiar, it could simply be that a wardrobe reorganisation is overdue. Having the contents of your closet in order would give you a clearer idea of what you actually own and want to wear or use. To do that, first you need to declutter, which in turn means that you have to make tough decisions on what to throw out.

Many of us are hoarders, so to toss things into the discard pile requires that you harden your heart and be brutal. Haven’t worn that once-so-trendy top for six months? Jeans that you haven’t touched for a year? A musty leather bag so old that you’ve forgotten you own it? The only way for them is out. Set rules for the wardrobe decluttering exercise so you have guidelines to adhere to, and won’t waver and end up keeping everything. Divide unwanted items into a discard pile and donate pile, so that pre-loved goods that are still good can get a second life.


Once you have achieved the above, it’s time to pack everything back into your closet. That’s where these clever organisation hacks and ideas come in. The basic principles are to maximise storage by leaving no dead space, and to have everything in clear sight or at the very least, within easy reach. After all, you can’t use what you don’t know you have.

1. Display jewellery by hanging them on pegboards

A lover of statement accessories? If you own lots of costume jewellery such as necklaces and earrings, hang them on a pegboard with S-hooks. That way, you can see everything at a glance so it’s easier to plan outfits, plus the method keeps them tangle-free.


2. Use multi-purpose hangers for scarves, belts and even tops

Expanded hangers, such as one with rows of cascading loops, are perfect for sorting out items like scarves and belts. Soft tops that don’t crease easily, like t-shirts or tank tops, can also be hung out in this manner.


3. Book ends or shelf dividers can anchor items on shelves

To keep slouchy bags or clothing stacks from collapsing or spilling over, keep items in place with book ends or shelf dividers.


4. Cubbies or even wine boxes are good for shoes

If you have a walk-in wardrobe and keep your shoes in your dressing area, small cubbyholes are a neat way to keep them from being strewn all over the floor. Cardboard wine boxes that wine shops would usually throw out are a budget alternative.


5. Organise outfits by day

Plan what you are wearing for the week and keep them sorted by day using dividers. If that requires more hanging closet space than you have, try hanging just the next day’s outfit on the inside of the closet door (add a nail or hook for this purpose). It saves you grief when you’re short on time in the morning.


6. Pull-out shelves allow you to reach deeper

Consider pull-out shelves and sliding racks (that you can drape pants, long skirts and even dresses over). These increase visibility and you can reach the inside of the closet without having to bury your head into it.


7. Hang shopping totes for odd items

For odds and ends, such as yoga mats, umbrellas or caps, try placing them in a large, roomy tote that you can keep hung up in a corner of the closet.


8.Use soda can tabs or chains and S-hooks to double hanging space

Expand storage by claiming all possible vertical space. The tabs off the tops of soda cans are an economical and ingenious way of doing this. Simply loop them onto a hanger and you can use the second ring of the tab for another hanger. A S-hook and chain system also works similar wonders.


9. Add tension rods to stagger hanging space

If you have more separates than one-piece clothing items, add tension rods to maximise dead space.


10. Store most-used items at eye level

Lastly, always have the items you use most often at eye level and within the easiest reach. Stuff that you don’t often use, such as winter clothing that get an airing only when you travel, can go to higher spots that you can’t normally reach without a stool.


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