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What Your Phone Case Says About You

While you might love to have the latest smartphone, only the Crazy Rich Asians can afford to replace their smartphones without batting an eyelid. See, money talks! For the rest of us who belong to the bo-lui (poor) class and who are not willing to spend obscene sums on a new gadget, having a functional phone case to protect your smartphone makes sense.

However, and depending on your personality, selecting a phone case can be a challenge. If you, like us, enjoy changing smartphone cases according to the way one dresses for work or to a date night, here is a shortlist of highly affordable yet nice-looking phone cases to consider. Let your personality shine with these smartphone case designs from just $1:



Like flickering fireflies at night, you are not afraid to sparkle. Glitter is more than just crafts materials. You enjoy being the centre of attraction because that is what you were born for. You have good control over emotions and make choices based on what is logically right rather than on how you feel. An attentive listener, most of your friends seek comfort in you.

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Down-to-Earth best describes your personality. Chances are, you are that someone who sets realistic goals and expectations for both yourself and others, is authentic and accepts others as your equal. You are a practical person, comfortable with being alone and who chooses to follow your heart. This functional phone case protects your phone from scratches and keeps your cards and cash intact!

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Look good, feel good is your life’s motto.  As someone who is conscious of the way you look, chances are your friends call you “vain”. And each time you pass by a window, you are bound to take a second glance at your appearance. Why not get a phone case with a compact mirror? Because that is all you need to sate your vain desires. 

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You’re obsessed with creating a perfect life on social media with filtered imagery. You try every filter in VSCO to make sure you look cute before posting it online. Unflattering selfies put you off. The soft lights on this case will fill your Instagram feed with effortless #nofilter selfies. Get ready to turn your friends to green-eyed monsters. 

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You’re fun-loving and always ready to embrace the inner child in you. On a Friday night, you prefer staying in bed at home. Munching on popcorn and watching your favourite Disney Movie. Who says Disney is exclusive to kids? Adulting is tough enough, so roll back the years with these cartoon cases!  

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Simplicity is key. You have no time for drama and prefers a carefree lifestyle. Wiser than most people, yet a humble person who finds happiness in the little things in life. You enjoy simple pleasures like spending quality time with your loved ones. You like your case clean and sleek, without the bells and whistles of elaborated designs. 

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Shy at first, outgoing once you feel comfortable. Hates dealing with strangers. A wallflower who attends every party but avoids the limelight. Everyone loves you! Like a blooming flower, just your very presence brightens the mood of people around you. 

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Your phone is your life. Without it, a part of you is missing. You are protective of your phone & tries to keep everything safe that means something to you. You are caring and is always present when your friends need someone to talk to.

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You consider yourself to be a creative and artsy person. Someone who can appreciate things from multiple perspectives. Museums or galleries are your go-to hang out places. On special occasions, you find yourself unleashing your creative potential & there’s nothing more interesting than creating DIY greeting cards for your loved ones. Your secret ambition is to be an artist.

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You have always been the cool kid in school, frequently spotted in town and at parties. You appreciate high-street luxury in your fashion choice – loud yet poised. Truly an attention grabber, every aspect of this phone screams style and chic. No other cases can make you stand out more.

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You are a true game addict. You top the leadership board of Mobile Legends and your biggest fear is not being killed your enemy, but your phone battery. Outside of the gaming world, you are risk-averse and tend to have the tendency to overthink. 

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