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Unlock More Discounts Now — How To Use Cash Off Voucher on ezbuy

Fancy more discounts? Read on to find out how you can use Cash Off voucher(s) to make your purchases on ezbuy even cheaper!


What is Cash Off?

Cash Off is a discount voucher for use on products under Cash Off Zone, which are curated on a weekly basis. There are usually three kinds of Cash Off vouchers of varying denominations you can choose from, depending on the total amount spent on products. Think of it as a supermarket coupon that you used to see in newspapers, which allows for a discount off your total purchase amount.


How Do You Use It?

Step 1: Register for your free ezbuy account and log into to get your Cash Off voucher(s).




Step 2: Once you’re on the ezbuy homepage, click on the Cash Off banner to enter the Cash Off Zone.


Step 3: Now that you’re browsing products under the Cash Off Zone, you will see three Cash Off Vouchers on top of the Cash Off collection page. Click on ‘Get Now’ to get the Cash Off voucher(s) that you would like to have.



Step 4: Go To My Account, and under ‘My Voucher’ you will see that you’ve successfully acquired the Cash Off voucher applicable for your usage. Simply click on the voucher and you will be redirected to the specific Cash Off collection. In this section you can also view vouchers you have used previously or even those that have expired as indicated by the different tabs.




Step 5: Now, don’t waste those precious vouchers make full use of them before they expire! Start shopping! Choose a product you like and add it to cart. Make sure that the total cost of the product(s) you’re buying is above $19, as stated on your Cash Off voucher, to be eligible for Cash Off.



Step 6: Checkout your shopping cart. You will see a notification box indicating that you have one voucher for use.



Step 7: On your Order Summary, you will see a ‘Use voucher’ tab. Click on it.


Step 8: You will see a pop-up window allowing you to click on the Cash Off voucher as shown below.


Step 9: Click ‘Confirm’ to use your Cash Off voucher.


Step 10: When you have successfully used your Cash Off voucher, you will see a $4 deduction off your total amount.


Step 11: Pay now to complete your purchase and await your parcel to arrive from overseas! 😊


Filter Function for Cash Off

Alternatively, you may use the filter function to view Cash Off eligible products. Simply check the ‘Cash Off’ box and you will get to view products eligible for Cash Off, as shown in the picture below.


Get started now to discover the joys of using Cash Off and see how you can save even more by shopping on! ezbuy is Singapore’s largest global shopping platform by page views and number of distribution points.


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