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7 Affordable Items For Your Pinterest Worthy Hari Raya Decor

Pinterest Worthy Hari Raya Home Decor

We can’t decide which we love more during Hari Raya – stuffing our bags with green packets or indulging in that bottomless pot of fragrant rendang. Either way, we know this celebration makes all that fasting even more worthwhile. With Hari Raya around the corner, it’s a̶n̶ ̶e̶x̶c̶u̶s̶e̶  time to freshen up your home with Pinterest worthy Hari Raya decorations for a session of catch up and feasting!

  • Carpet-diem

Hari Raya Nordic-Style Carpets

Rectangular Carpet:$7.58 Oval carpet: $4.66

With relatives and friends dropping by round the clock, create a cosy communal space for eating and games by dedicating a carpeted area for it. It adds on to the home aesthetic and is a fun way to incorporate trends without much commitment.

We know what you are thinking – wah, carpet $7.58, shipping confirm more than that. Make it the least of your concern this Hari Raya and ship this plus everything else in this post at only $2.99 flat.

  • Gongtainers

Hari Raya Snack Containers

Tube container: $8.72 Square container: $4.06

Who else can’t resist them honey cornflakes?! We know how addictive they can be, so stock up on them homemade goodies with these containers. You may want to hide one or two containers, in case your guests clear them out while you are busy hosting.

On the topic of snacks, why not get some baking tools and whip out new recipes this year since they are on discount anyway!

  • Bye Bye Blinds

Hari Raya Curtains

Alphabetical patterned curtains: $12.29 Floral patterned curtains: $9.55

Besides shielding us from this feels-like-39-degrees heat, curtains can also add a splash of colour. Besides it gives live to homes with a muted color scheme- common with minimalistic-style homes. Try swapping out your blinds for decorative curtains for a playful element to celebrate this festive season.

Pro-Tip: Save more money with curtains too as blinds are usually more expensive.

  • Come, Have A Seat

Hari Raya Patterned Sofa Covers

Blue patterned sofa: $8.75 White leaf patterned sofa: $14.50

We know you are guilty of a dubious stain on your couch- probably from dropping a mouth of cake while watching reruns of Marvel movies. Your guests won’t even notice that the couch they have been lepak-ing at the whole time was the same couch as last year with these sofa covers.

Let’s be real, we all get minor panic attacks thinking of cleaning up after all the visiting. Mampus la, can you imagine someone spilling lontong? With sofa covers, you can just throw them in the wash and not freak out about it.

  • Restaurant Feels

Hari Raya Cute Table Mats

Line patterned table mat: $4.35 Blue patterned table mat: $1.91

Up your Hari Raya game by adding table mats to bring the restaurant feel to your home. I mean, you already have the sedap food to go along with it! We would definitely recommend to pick one up this Hari Raya if you don’t already have one.

  • For-The-Gram Tableware

Hari Raya Snack Display Plates

White dotted tableware: $4.49 Square tableware: $5.60 Multi-layer tableware: $9.56

What better way to get your friends salivating over your feast than an on-point flatlay with pretty plates. Pair it with your table mat and you will be the definition of #HariRayaGoals this year.

If you are feeling extra, why not use fancy serving plates for your chocolate chip cookies and honey cornflakes as well!

  • Time To Party With Crafts

 Hari Raya Wall Decorations

Alphabetical wall decoration: $6.41 Wall streamers decoration: $3.73

Nothing screams festive than colorful party streamers! Hari Raya is definitely a reason to celebrate and give our usual solid-color walls a new life. If you are doing last minute decorations for your office, this is also a quick way to Hari Raya it up. You could also pull off a special message surprise with these alphabet decorations too.

So start getting your home Hari Raya ready! Remember to show off your home on our Facebook ezbuy Share & Win! Group and win more vouchers for your next purchase. Happy shopping and here’s wishing everyone Selemat Hari Raya Puasa in advance.😊

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