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Pantone Color 2020 Home Styling Tips

Pantone Color 2020 Home Styling Tips

Simi Pantone? I only know Pantene? Well, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the Pantone Color of the Year! Every year, the Pantone Color Institute gets inspiration from different countries and industries before their experts forecast the new global “trendy” color. The Pantone color 2020 has been announced and it’s the PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue.

Classic Blue symbolizes calmness, stability and comfort which is also in line with the beliefs of fengshui as it represents water. If you are planning to give your home a face lift, introduce this Classic Blue color that is both on trend and welcomes good energy.

1. Focal Piece

Classic Blue Sofa and Cabinet

Velvet Double Sofa ($204), TV Console ($818)

As this Classic Blue is a rich and deep color, interior designers recommend to use it on focal pieces like big furniture to make a statement. Some examples are like living room sofas or television consoles. To balance out the mood, you can use warmer tones like yellow and orange through other accessories like paintings and cushions.

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2. Neutral On Neutral

Classic Blue Kitchen and Bathroom

Shower Curtain (from $5.60), Paisley Tile Stickers ($10.30)

The great thing about this Classic Blue is that it is a neutral color that blends easily to traditionally monochromatic spaces like your bathroom and kitchen. Consider painting your vanity or kitchen cabinets with this color or opt for kitchen backsplashes with wallpaper. This will make the space look extra clean and crisp especially if the existing space is made up of mostly whites.

3. Small Touches

Classic Blue Home Decor

Cushion Covers ($7.90), Anti-Slip Ring Pattern Rug ($5.60), Wallpaper ($8.10), Nordic Decorative Print ($17.46)

We can all agree that this shade of blue is timeless for any homeowners afraid of being stuck in a certain era while decorating their homes. However, if you’re still reluctant to commit to the Classic Blue, you can opt for small accessories that can easily be changed out.

Incorporate them with high hanging pieces like ceiling lights, paintings or wallpaper to help draw the eyes upwards and aid as a mood-elevating trick. Rugs also assist to separate the living and kitchen area especially with open concept spaces that is common in the new BTO homes.

4. Other Cool Finds

Classic Blue Cool Finds

Minimalist Basin ($70.30), Headboard Cushion ($14.94), Bedside Table ($119.80), Nordic Plate ($4.90)

Installing a headboard is a big investment especially considering the wear and tear. Go for this cushioned makeshift headboard where you can also keep your phone – a truly millennial function. With this Classic Blue, don’t be afraid to toss in more colors too! It doesn’t have to be the only pop of color in the room.

We hope you found these home styling tips useful for your space and can confidently play with the Pantone Color 2020. Especially with Chinese New Year coming soon, it’s an opportune time to do a little tidying up of that 2019 mess and bring life back to your home! Shop from 6 – 9 Jan 2020 to receive before Chinese New Year.


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