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Get Your Room Ready To Binge Watch These Netflix TV Shows

Room To Binge Watch These Netflix TV Shows

July is here! Cheers to a new month of binge-watching these Netflix TV shows! *Psst, mark your calendars, here’s what’s new on Netflix and on the top of our radar in July 2019:

  • Stranger Things Season 3 (Netflix Original): 4th July – Time to open up your curiosity door with the return of stranger things 3.
  • Money Heist Part 3: 19th July – For action-seekers or those who love a good Spanish accent, this could be for you.
  • Queer Eye Season 4 (Netflix Original): 19th July – Pride month is over but we’re all for our favourite queer guys (read: Antoni).
  • Orange is the New Black Season 7 (Netflix Original): 26th July – Don’t miss the final season before it discontinues!

Found your next binge watch? Here’s how you can Netflix & Chill perfectly with the ideal cozy corner set-up! Here are 6 home essentials for your Netflix sesh, be it on your own after a long day of work, with your bb or your girlfriends!

1. Mini Projector

Who thought that these projectors our primary school teachers used in class would make a comeback? Recreate that all-around-you-you-you experience in the comfort of your home and  make it more shiok with a big screen. We are pretty sure all your friends will self-jio themselves to your house in no time!

You can even bring along this mini projector even when you travel! No more fomo while everyone else is catching up on the latest Netflix movies and TV shows.

Cheap mini home projector to watch Netflix TV shows and Netflix movies

 Mini Projector: $49.49

2. Bedsheets

Come on, this is a great opportunity to change out those funky Powerpuff Girls or Garfield prints bedsheets your mom bought for you. With these aesthetic bedsheets, your Netflix & Chill moments are going to be so Insta-worthy #doitforthegram !

Instagram worthy bedsheets to Netflix & Chill

Green bedsheet: $21.50 | Tropical patterned bedsheet: $18.06

3. Blankets

Throw in some cute themed blankets to snuggle up for your all-day Netflix sessions! With these burrito and mermaid blankets, you’ll look hella cute even when you’re being a couch potato.

Cosy and cute blankets

Burrito blanket: $11.57 | Mermaid blanket: $12.46

4. Beanbags/ Foldable Chairs/ Stools

Hosting your girlfriends over to conquer your Netflix movies list? Get your 5 star rating by making your friends feel at home with a seat for everyone! Beanbags and foldable chairs are a great addition to jazz up your slumber party so everyone can lounge around in comfort. Prime this and ship at only $2.99 flat today.

Pro-Tip: If you’re a new home owner considering between beanbags and couches, opt for beanbags! Stay commitment-free as you can move them around anywhere in the house effortlessly.

Cheap bean bags, foldable chairs and stools for your Netflix sleepover

Foldable chair: $18.88 | Beanbag: $53.27 | Stool: $12.10

5. Throw Pillows

Naps are inevitable in between Netflix binges, so get ready by decking lots and lots of throw pillows all around! To maximise the nua-ness, we recommend at least three of them by your side while enjoying your shows – one to rest your head, one to hug, one to prop your feet on. It’s cuddle time!

Cheap Throw Pillows

Nordic Braided Pillow : $12.57 | Knitted Fringe Pillow: $12.57

6. Storage Trolley Rack

Let’s be real, once that Netflix show starts playing, nobody is going to stand up to take that bag of chips lying on your dining table. To avoid losing any friendships over who should get it, why not make everyone’s lives easier with these fuss-free trolley racks! All you need is a little push to pass snacks and drinks around, and keep your friends forever.

IKEA inspired snack trolley rack

Small storage trolley: $9.95 | Four-tier trolley rack: $28.84

Netflix buddies out there, what are you waiting for? Time to shop all these essentials and get that perfect room vibe before you start on your next Netflix TV shows, movies or Netflix Originals!

“Wait…but at what (shipping) costs?!” – If this is making you stress, chill leh~ Plot twist: You can actually ship everything in this article at $2.99 flat, just with PrimeDon’t say bojio, Prime Annual (1 year) membership is as low as $8.25/month, you better go sign up now! 

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