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Free Agent Fee FOREVER!

At this moment, everyone here should know that most items from our site are sourced directly from the country of origin, allowing you to bypass the importers, exporters, distributors and retailers, which in-turn allows you to enjoy the most savings as compared to shopping locally.

To make everyone’s overseas shopping experience a pleasant and easy one, it involves a long process of dedication, well-established infrastructure, continuous IT innovation and improvements, and the list goes on~

Nothing worth having comes easy, but ezbuy makes it easy for you!

It has been almost a decade of intense growth and dramatic improvements. Our strong belief to bring convenience to our customers held us together and brought ezbuy to what it is today – making shopping globally easier, faster and cheaper.

Here’re some of the value-added services provided to our customers for the past 10 years and what the agent/service fee is for.

value-added services

Ease of Communication

For those shoppers whose Mandarin is their weak spot, placing an order on a website full of Chinese words could spell disaster.

What’s worst is if there’s a need to communicate with the Chinese sellers.

With ezbuy, we help to ease the entire shopping experience by removing the language barrier and contacting the Chinese sellers on your behalf for any special instructions for your orders.

Inspecting, Repacking & Consolidating

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to receive an “OMG” order after a long wait! According to our data, 9.28% of all our customers’ orders received daily are either wrong/ defective. Just refer to one of the examples below and you will understand.

defective item

What’s more distressing is if you have paid a high shipping fee for your order (bigger or bulky items) but received it damaged!

defective item

You may think, “Easy peasy, just contact sellers about this and get a refund”. If you are dealing with them directly, it is not that simple. Overseas sellers may require you to ship these bulky items back to them before processing the refund. Return shipping fee? The cost may be much higher for you and it’s totally not worth it at all!

We’ve also heard stories from our customers who are proficient in Mandarin but still ‘vomit blood’ while trying to deal with all the ‘亲s’ and trying to get their point across.

So… what’s causing all these damages?



Well, we’re afraid to say that all sellers must go through a local domestic courier before the items reach any forwarders. No doubt, some local domestic couriers are responsible and will handle parcels with care even during peak seasons. Sadly, some may not.

With ezbuy, fret not! We cover everything from pre-sale to after-sale for your global shopping. Our inspection service helps you to spot any visual defects or mistakes on your orders in our overseas warehouses before shipping them back to Singapore. This way, we will absorb the risk of shopping from unreliable and untrustworthy sellers or receiving any damaged products, giving you a peace of mind when shopping globally.

ezbuy also provides repacking service to remove unnecessary weight so shoppers can save more!


The repacking details are as follows-
4.8kg before repacking (Volumetric weight of original packaging)
1.3kg after repacking (Based on actual weight as actual > volumetric weight after repacking). That’s a 3.5kg reduction in shipping weight!

The new repacked order will be consolidated with the rest of the customer’s orders and shipped to Singapore.

Customer Service Care & After-Sales Service

We’ve heard of countless unfortunate experiences of Taobao direct users who tried to confront their seller due to loss of goods, defected goods, etc. The result? They eventually decided to not risk getting high blood pressure and gave up. Mind you, these encounters were by people who speak fantastic Chinese.

If you are one of those who do not have the patience of waiting, only to find out that your parcel landed elsewhere or is damaged, or, wouldn’t want to spend unnecessary time to follow up and monitor your parcel, then leave all the hassle to ezbuy!

Cheaper Shipping Rates with Variety of Shipping Methods

Over the years, we’ve been adjusting our shipment rates, offering the best international rates ever in Singapore, check out our shipping rate here. From Air to Sea shipping methods, we provide you with the flexibility on your shipment with the most savings.

Our co-founders first started ezbuy with this convenience in mind – to reduce the cost of parcel delivery and to transfer this savings back to our customers.  As the first to come up with FREE MRT and neighbourhood collection points in Singapore, followed by ezCollection, you no longer have to worry about accessibility to your parcels when it will always be in close proximity to your homes!

Currently, we have over 277 pick-up locations, covering over 90% of the residential areas in Singapore, so you can get your parcel even faster.

A Call for Celebration

There’s no free meal on earth

An unbelievable news for everyone, we’re removing this agent fee FOR GOOD and everyone can enjoy all our value-added services as mentioned above FOR FREE!

free agent fee forever

So… Where does this cost go to?

Together with a stronger supply chain and collaboration with our partners, we’re able to give Cheaper Deals & More Savings back to our customers as gratitude for your continuous support.

Gone with the days of waiting for ‘Free Agent Fee’ promotion to cart out your items! Now you can shop and check-out Anytime You Want so you can receive your parcel faster.

In celebration of the removal of the agent fee, join us in our Grand Celebration Mega Sale which is happening from 12th to 19th March 2020.

grand celebration sale

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for you:

  • Over $300,000 worth of Free Cash Vouchers
  • Amazing Giveaways such as Samsung Galaxy S20, iPad Mini & more
  • Up to 90% Off Flash Deals
  • Prime Rebate for Signups/Renewals
  • $3 and $5 Deals
  • Free Shipping Zones and Site-wide Discounts
  • And many more!

Be sure to check out our Grand Celebration Sale Tips & Hacks to collect free vouchers to enjoy more savings and more discounts when you shop!


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