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ezbuy Quickguide: Making Payment

ezbuy’s payment platform is really way simpler than it seems. Let us break it down for you today!

For a start, you can think of your ezbuy account as a prepaid phone; 📱 there has to be value stored inside for you to be able to make calls. Likewise, you need balance in your account for you to proceed with your purchase.

If you’re familiar with our Flash Deals, than you would know that having an ‘Available Amount’ can get real handy! That way, you can quickly grab the item you’ve been eyeing on before it gets snapped up by others! Fastest fingers first!

PRO TIP: Account balance can be easily withdrawn, so do not fret about over-crediting your ezbuy account!


Now, let’s begin with topping up your account:
1. Go to “My Account”
2. Click on “My Payment”

To top-up your account, we accept 3 main modes of payment: Credit Card, iBanking & ATM transfer.



Credit Card will be the best option if you’re seeking ease and convenience. The value will be credited into your account in real time, with no verification required.

To proceed with Credit Card payment:

1. Choose which payment numbers you would like to pay and select the Credit/Debit Card tab as shown below.


Select ‘Add a new card’ option if you don’t already have one or if you would like to use another card.


2. Indicate the amount you intend to transfer. Do note that a 3% transaction fee will be charged. Find out more details on that here.


3. Click “Submit” once you have completed the above steps.

4. Following submission, a pop up window will appear.


Do check that your Credit Card details are correct and key in your OTP password on the secured payment page. Click ‘Submit’ to complete your transaction.



5. Upon successful submission, you will be automatically redirected to this page as shown below confirming your payment is complete. Fuss free and simple isn’t it?


Not in a hurry or have time to spare? Then payment by iBanking or ATM transfer will be a more suitable alternative for you. Additionally, you can also save on the 3% credit card transaction fees. So if you belong to this group, do not be deterred by the verification process. It is not as troublesome as it sounds if you simply follow these steps below.

To proceed with ibanking / ATM transfer payment:

1. Choose which payment numbers you would like to pay and select the tab as shown below.

For inter bank transactions via Citibank FAST payment, refer to the links below for a step by step guide. Unlike DBS transfers which requires 2-3 working hours for verification, FAST payment via Citibank is seamless and payment verification is almost instant.

Guide for ezbuy website

Guide for ezbuy App


2. For DBS to DBS transactions proceed to login to your DBS account. Choose ‘Transfer’ option and Add ezbuy as payee as indicated below.


3. Input the details as seen below. Do note, recipient name is for your own reference, you can key in ezbuy for example.



You may also input your UserID (without numbers) for ‘My Initials’ for easier reference.



Enter your 6-digit iB Secure PIN to complete and you are ready to start transferring!


4. Upon adding ezbuy as payee successfully, proceed to select transfer to other DBS account option in your account.


5. Complete the details as seen below and key in the amount required to purchase your cart items.


6. Upon successful transfer, be sure to copy the transaction number before heading back to our website.



7. Input the transaction number you have copied previously into the ‘Top-up Request Form’ shown below and click ‘Submit’


8. Your screen will prompt you as shown below after submitting. Kindly allow 2-3 working hours for us to verify your transaction. You will receive an SMS notification after informing you of successful verification and you are done!


There you have it, quick and ‘EZ’ guides for making payment via credit card, ibanking & ATM transfer on ezbuy. We hope this guide was useful in assisting your check out process and also cleared your misconceptions about our payment platform!


Are there still items sitting in your cart because you’ve been procrastinating on your payment? Delay no more! Cart out & make payment today to enjoy your shopping loots!



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