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Where did my 3% Credit Card fee go?

We have received a few inquiries from customers regarding payment via credit card. We would like to explain how credit card payment works on our store as well as the refund procedure pertaining to credit card payment.

For customers who prefer using their credit card to pay for purchases on, there is a 3% transaction fee on top of their final shopping cart amount. This fee is imposed by 3rd party financial providers processing the payment. (The fee is not charged and collected by ezbuy.)

We, at ezbuy, understand that customers may sometimes prefer the convenience of paying for their purchases using their credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). As such, ezbuy accepts Credit Card payment in addition to the more popular options of payment such as using Internet Banking or ATM fund transfer – which we have been offering to customers wanting to save on the 3% Credit Card fee.


ezbuy Refund Procedure

In the event of an item being out of stock or change in pricing for the item via our “Buy-for-Me” service, after you have made payment for it via credit card, ezbuy would refund the amount to your ezbuy account as prepaid cash. The prepaid cash amount can be used to offset your next purchase, which most of our customers often utilise.

If you wish to withdraw this amount of prepaid cash from your ezbuy account, you would need to initiate a request for a cash withdrawal via the selected payment method used when transferring or making payment to ezbuy. This withdrawal request can be made via our mobile app or on our website if you are using a computer to access your account.



When you select the option of Credit Card as the method to withdraw your cash, we will process the amount together with the 3% credit card charge separately in two steps.

For example, if you paid $100 for an item, your credit card monthly statement will reflect $103 due to the 3% transaction fee charged by banks and credit card companies.

  • If your item is out of stock and your transaction gets cancelled, you will be refunded $100 directly into your ezbuy account as prepaid cash. This amount can be used to offset the amount for your next purchase.
  • Next if you like to receive your cash amount back, you could request for a withdrawal at any time, under the withdrawal page. You should select ‘Credit Card’ as the payment method and our Finance team will process the refund with the 3% charge. This will be reflected in your credit card statement.


The refund procedure of ezbuy differs slightly from other e-commerce shops. This is because every ezbuy customer has their own account wallet which they can use to transfer money directly into via internet banking or ATM transfer – allowing customers to save on the 3% credit card charges imposed by banks and credit card companies until they decide to withdraw the prepaid cash out and back into their bank accounts.

All requests for withdrawal of cash from ezbuy account must be made through the original mode of payment. For instance,

  • If you paid via transfer using internet banking, then the request for withdrawal must indicate ‘Internet Banking’.
  • If you made payment via credit card, then the withdrawal request must indicate ‘Credit Card’ for the refund to be processed back to the same credit card used.

If you have any issues regarding our credit card refund process, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team so that we can help you immediately.


Quick Savings Tip: By using credit cards that offers cash rebates such as Amex, Standard Chartered, Citibank or HSBC, you get to enjoy savings as well! Do check out our credit card promotions and partners.


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