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Why You Should Change Your Phone Case Regularly

should change phone case regularly

If you’re one of those smartphone users who die die don’t wanna change your phone case until your contract is up & it’s time to get a new phone… it’s time you kick that bad habit and start changing your phone case regularly!

Here’s why:

1. Your Phone Case is 7 Times Dirtier than a Toilet Seat!

Does your smartphone follow you everywhere you go, including the toilet? If the answer is yes, you’re in for a shock. Studies show that the amount of bacteria living on your phone case is 7 times more than an average toilet seat!

2. Leather Phone Cases are Most Prone to Bacteria Growth!

We know you love the functionality and sleek look of leather phone cases but they are actually most prone to bacteria growth! We don’t want an army of bacteria growing on our phone case, do we?


3. All That Bacteria Living On Your Phone Case Causes Acne!

You may think that the bacteria living on your phone case is harmless since it’s not visible to the naked eye. YOU’RE WRONG. They clog our pores and cause our skin to be inflamed, which eventually leads to acne! Do we really wanna spend all that money on our Korean skincare routine to have it all go to waste by using a dirty phone case?



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