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How to Save on USA Shipping via ezbuy’s USA Marketplace

Whether you are a seasoned online shopper or a newbie you will come to realize that USA merchants and couriers are very ‘generous’ with their packaging.

The key reason for this is due to domestic couriers charging shipping fees based on actual weight instead of volume weight. That would explain those huge boxes….

Therefore, you wouldn’t want to be shipping these bulky boxes to Singapore as most courier companies would charge you based on actual weight or volumetric weight (whichever is higher) for international shipping. This can get really costly and you are more than likely to burn a hole in your wallet.


Seriously, who would want to be charged for shipping large parcels from the USA mainly filled with air?

But not to worry! This is where ezbuy comes in!

If you have shopped with us during Black Friday you will be no stranger to our value-added services and great savings on USA shipping. With repacking services and even a waiver for this added service, you won’t find this offer anywhere else! Simply because, firstly repacking increases parcel processing time as staff would need to look for suitable boxes and reload your items. Thus, handling lesser parcels than usual and increasing labor costs inevitably.

Secondly, not all companies have waivers for repacking services. It’s not difficult to see why as more time would be spent on one parcel as well as the cost of added usage of tapes, bubble wraps and cling foil wrap.

But we at ezbuy, pride ourselves with bringing the greatest convenience to our customers and fellow online shoppers so that you can save when you shop globally with us!

Hence, offering both repacking services and for free. YES, F-R-E-E, FREE.


Here’s a look behind the scenes on how we do it!

This FREE repacking service we provide will help you save up to 3x on shipping fees. Removing unnecessary items, extra packaging, large boxes and repacking your purchases into smaller, more compact ones.

Like to know how much you can potentially save? Refer to our quick overview below:


With these savings and added services its no wonder that we are the best choice in Singapore when it comes to shopping and shipping from USA!

Not convinced? If the above cost breakdowns don’t prove it why not hear from some of our happy customers here.

Get the lowest shipping fees in town, no base charges, no fuel charges and no hidden costs! For all your USA shopping and shipping needs, be sure to keep it to ezbuy’s USA marketplace.


From 1st to 28th February, enjoy FREE AGENT FREE & 15% OFF Shipping Fees!

Click here for more details and start your USA shopping today!

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