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Best Smart Home Devices You Need In 2020

Best Smart Home Devices 2020

We’re all guilty of being a #millennial homeowner, who owns at least 1 smart home device. Otherwise, you are probably planning to with “best smart home devices 2019” as your recent google search. Forget 2019, 2020 is almost here! Take this quiz below and we’ll recommend smart home devices for you in 2020.

Smart Home Devices 2020

Scroll down to check out on the best invented smart devices catered to your personality!

Smart Home Personality - Martha Stewart

We recommend:

Xiaomi Smart Coffee Machine, Xiaomi Smart Door Lock, Wifi Enabled 360 Smart Doorbell

Xiaomi Smart Coffee Machine ($213.10), Xiaomi Smart Door Lock ($312.40) , Wifi-Enabled 360 Smart Doorbell ($78.40)

We understand the constraints of being a housewife, super sian! No time to go cafe-hopping with your friends? Nevermind, just invite your friends over instead. Not only is the Xiaomi Smart Coffee machine sleek, you can customize every cuppa coffee from flavour, size and intensity with a single touch on your phone! It is highly compatible with a variety of coffee capsule brands and more importantly, it is energy efficient and automatically switches off after 15 minutes of inactivity #savetheearth .

We understand the hassle of reaching for the keys in your bag, especially when you are a housewife. Your hands are never really free and your bag is always in a mess (ugh). Use a smart door lock and your fingertips to choose a password or use your phone to unlock your doors! No more self-induced panic attacks thinking “shit, where are my keys?!” while rummaging through your bottomless bag.

Or you could let us lend you a helping hand! Get your groceries from ezmart with $1 for 1.5L drinks. Go ez on your hands with delivery as fast as 2 days to a collection point near you.

Smart Home Personality - Caesar Milan

We recommend:

Smart Pet Feeder, Wicked Bone

Smart Pet Feeder ($88.40), Wicked Bone ($119.35)

No matter how much you love your pets, you can’t afford to quit your job to be a full-time pawrent – life’s tough. Thanks to the birth of smart devices, you can now be purrrrfect! You can now schedule your pet’s feeding time via app with the Smart Pet Feeder. While your colleagues are checking on their human babies, you can now check on your furry one to ensure that they are not destroying your furniture with the live built-in camera.

Being a millennial, you are always on the move. The Wicked Bone is a must-have for all pet owners! Bluetooth-enabled, you can customise an interactive playtime with your pets through your phone. Activate the auto play function and customize each play experience so your pets get entertained while you are out running errands.

Smart Home Personality - Steve Jobs

We recommend:

Google Home, Wifi Smart Plug, Wifi Light Switch

Google Home ($133) Wifi Smart Plug ($35.99), Wifi Light Switch ($23.19)

Being a tech junkie, you are probably familiar with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, otherwise known as your modern-day Maria. However, we can’t deny that home assistants like Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home are essential to seamlessly connect all your smart devices together (when they are not eavesdropping on our conversations, just kidding).

No more exorbitant electricity bills from being lazy to turn off your home appliances! The Wifi Smart Plug which magically transforms any appliance into a smart home device that you can control via app or through pairing with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Remember not so long ago when we wished we could turn off our lights with a snap of our fingers like genie? Well, wishes really do come true! Opt for a swipe or simply shout for Alexa if you have your smart assistant connected. Dim and brighten your lighting as and when you like.

Smart Home Personality - The Rock

We recommend:

Smart Skipping Roper, Xiaomi Automatic Soap Dispenser, Xiaomi Smart Toilet

 Xiaomi Smart Toilet ($243.90), Xiaomi Automatic Soap Dispenser ($18.57), Smart Skipping Roper ($8.20)

My metabolism damn good leh – said nobody ever, especially when you hit your mid 20s and lead the sedentary office routine. It’s a huge commitment to buy a treadmill to force yourself to exercise #truestory so why not start with skipping? Plus point: it takes up much lesser space! Did you know that skipping actually burns more calories than running in just a minute? Track your skipping routine and calculate your calories with the Smart Skipping Rope.

Maintaining your personal hygiene is crucial to your health. Remember sitting on the toilet seats in Japan and going sugoi~ at the warm seats and automated washing function? Opt for the Smart Toilet series! Switch out your toilet lids and you can have your own Japanese toilet and yes, you can customize your toilet experience today with your phone.

Now that you got new smart home devices on your to-buy list, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you with Prime $2.99 flat shipping regardless of weight, size or quantity. It doesn’t matter whether you are a housewife, a slave, a tech geek, a health nut, or simply a human-being, you can definitely find something to fit into your life, personality and needs! 


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