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5 Types Of Housewives In Singapore

5 types of housewives

In Singapore, every stay-home mom’s occupation is referred to as “housewife”, but no two housewives are the same. Here’s a quick look at the 5 types of housewives that can be found in almost every Singaporean household:

5 types of housewives

1. Michelin Chef Housewife 

michelin chef housewife

What’s that delicious smell wafting from the kitchen? It’s the Michelin Chef housewife hard at work, of course! Her home-cooked dishes taste like heaven and she could jolly well be publishing her own cookbook with all the special recipes she has!

Here are our top picks for Michelin Chef housewives:

Woks and pans are the basic essentials for these super-zai chefs. This granite non-stick wok comes in two sizes, which is perfect for cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

granite non stick wok
Left: $21.42 | Right: $46.44

Spatulas and spoons are no doubt the most functional tools in the kitchen! Not only are they useful, these wooden ones can also serve as a decorative element in the kitchen.

wooden spatula

4 Pieces Kitchenware Set: $6.30

2. Minimalist Housewife

minimalist housewife

“Does this spark joy?” That’s the Minimalist Housewife talking! As she’s strongly inspired by Marie Kondo, the way to a Minimalist Housewife’s heart will definitely be storage items.

Psst, here are our ‘will-spark-joy’ recommendations for Minimalist Housewives:

Declutter with these portable and versatile drawer organisers!

drawer organiser

Multiple sizes: $2.40 – $2.80

Look at how therapeutic these square boxes are~ If this sparks joy for you, what are you waiting for? Just buy liao!

wardrobe organiser

One Layer: $9.28

3. The OCD Housewife

This housewife will faint at any sight of dust and dirt, so be sure to keep yourself clean at all times around her. She is never seen without her hand sanitizer, also known as her amulet, because of her serious fear of germs!

Check out our must-cart-out items for the OCD Housewife:

With this cleverly-designed feather duster, every corner of the house can now be reached without having to climb up and down!

retractable feather duster

Long Retractable Feather Duster: $7.20

Washing is unavoidable for OCD Housewives but at least they get to preserve their delicate hands with these gloves after long exposure to water!

silicone dish washing gloves

Silicone Dish Washing Gloves: $5.90

4. Insta-Housewife

The Insta-Housewife’s motto: “Do It for The Gram!” Her Instagram feed is often filled with aesthetic shots of her home décor which are inspired by scrolling Pinterest.

Help the Insta-Housewife up her Instagram game with these ~super chio~ items that will get all em’ likes coming in:

Green plants are the key to an aesthetically pleasing house! Get as many as you can as they add a splash of colours to your house, which will naturally form a fresher look!

green potted plants

Different sizes of plants: $26.80 – $196.80

No more misplacing of keys with this Antler Key Hook Décor! Beautiful yet functional, it’s perfect for the chio living room set-up!

key hook decor

Antler Key Hook Décor: $2.61

5. High-Tech Housewife

Cleaning the house while nua-ing at home is the forte of the High-Tech Housewife! Her trustworthy and efficient smart home electronics keep her house squeaky clean without her lifting a finger.

If you aspire to “Work smart, not work hard”, get your hands on these smart electronics and you will certainly get to nua at home all day~

You must be ancient if you are still manually vacuuming your house! It’s about time you invest in this Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner to do the work for you instead!

robot vacuum cleaner

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner: $26.60

Always craving a cup of hot drink but thinking “where got time to boil water?”  With Xiaomi SciShare Hot Water Dispenser, you can sip on your hot drink within 3 seconds!

xiaomi hot water dispenser

Xiaomi SciShare Hot Water Dispenser: $90.10

Now that you’ve familiarised yourself with the 5 Types of Singaporean Housewives, it’s never too early or late to shop for the right products! Head over to our 5 Types Of Housewives collection and ace the housewife game today!

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