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Why Wait? Top Spring Fashion Trends You Can Wear Right Now!

The fashion retail model may be changing but most of the players — designers, department stores, malls — still keep to the traditional calendar. That is, runway shows by the fashion houses in September dictate the spring/summer trends for six months down the road, and the bulk of the actual merchandise hit the shops around February to March.


But in this age of the internet and social media, it’s all about immediacy. How many of us have the patience for this slow trickle? Not to mention how, in matters regarding personal style, it’s all about being ahead of the game when it comes to coveted wardrobe items. The news is out. We want to wear it and we want to wear it right now.


Good thing then, with some sleuthing and foresight, not to mention sites like with a massive fashion catalogue, you’ll be able to find many, if not all, the items you need for your brand new spring wardrobe. Pro tip: check out special tabs like Brands Collection or Feature Collection from time to time to scout for edited picks and go-to sellers with the trendiest buys.


Look no further. The biggest fashion trends and style must-haves for the upcoming months are here at your fingertips.


One-shoulder game strong

For at least a couple of seasons now, bare shoulders have been the way to go. The difference this spring? Keep it off just one shoulder for a super sexy look that’s at the same time effortlessly cool. From slinky dresses to deconstructed oxford shirt tops, there are many ways to work the trend, whether you want to keep it feminine or prefer a touch of the boyish.


Super stripes

Throwing on a classic Breton striped shirt has always been the foolproof way to channel understated French chic. But there’s nothing quiet about the stripes coming at you this spring. They’re big, bold, brightly-coloured and totally meant to get you noticed. And obviously, this is not a look to wear with tousled, out-of-bed-but-not-really waves. Keep your hair slicked back or in a tight ponytail for maximum impact.


Sport is here to stay

Athleisure was the buzzword for 2016. Now, drop the “leisure”, don’t be afraid the “sport” bit of it and simply amp up the glam factor. There’s nothing casual about a hoodie anymore — you no longer want to just take it to the street or the supermarket, the aim is to dress it up for a night out. Think cropped, sheer and blousy or in graphic print and bold colours.


Ruffles be bold

There’s nothing dainty about these new standout ruffles. You want them big and flouncy on a sleek dress for a nice bit of juxtaposition, or asymmetrical and seemingly irregularly placed on a voluminous skirt. Style them like you would denim — wear with a crisp white shirt or slouchy slogan tee — to downplay the salsa girl emoji vibe and up the fashion ante.


Light the way with neons

Call it fluorescent or iridescent. Whatever the name, one thing is for sure: this call for high-wattage super bright hues is not for the wallflowers. This spring, pink, orange and sheer layers are the way to go. An updated and more subtle — if you can ever call it that — way to wear neon is to pair with neutral colours, particularly flesh tones.


Floaty florals

If there is a spring season without florals, the fashion world has not seen it. It’s so easy to be cynical about this perennial trend that designers have to work extra hard to keep things fresh. This season’s florals are floaty and voluminous. Find them on long skirts and dresses, tiered or otherwise; unabashedly ruffled jumpsuits or on billowy sleeves; and on patchwork dresses and sometimes even sequinned.


Lead the trendsetting pack

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