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Niftiest Beauty Gadgets You Can Find Online

Technology and mobile gadgetry have changed our lives in so many ways, enabling us to take on more than we have ever imagined possible. So it makes sense that the beauty industry is up for an upheaval. Slowly but surely, we’re seeing an onslaught of devices that take beauty innovation into the home. What we once had to go to doctors and professionals for can now literally be taken into our own hands.

On top of devices that allow us to carry out specialised treatments in the comfort of our homes, what we have to look forward to this year are gadgets that focus on self-analysis and customisation of treatments. Much like how fitness trackers have changed the way we work out by enabling us to monitor progress and tailor our routines to individual goals, these beauty consumer products are designed to break down problems and equip you with the knowledge required for the best solution. Thanks to technology, beauty is going beyond skin deep.

HiMirror Plus

Imagine that every time you look in the mirror, you are going to get care tips and advice from the one who knows your skin best. That’s what life will be like with the HiMirror Plus, which is equipped with a skin analysis engine that identifies problems based on a snapshot of you. You can get an overview of issues like sun damage, wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles and enlarged pores, as well as recommendations on how to fix them. Results are recorded and tracked over time so you can monitor the health of your skin. What’s more, the HiMirror Plus offers five light simulations like “brightly lit office” or “restaurant/party venue”, so you can apply makeup under the right settings for the occasion. No more worries of looking overly made up for work or washed out at a party!


This sleek, doughnut-shaped device fits in the palm and is very pocket-friendly. This is important because you’re meant to bring it everywhere with you. Start by getting a skin moisture index reading in the morning before you leave home. Throughout the day, the Wayskin monitors environmental elements with embedded sensors and provides a host of readings on things like UV index, humidity level and air temperature. The device tells you when your skin is dehydrated and offers solutions to tackle the problem. It also monitors your water intake and plans personalised skincare tips based on your period cycle. Connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth, Wayskin is a dermatologist-in-the-pocket for the skin-obsessed.

Kingdom Cares Facial Brush

Clean out your pores and get skin squeaky clean with this powerful yet super gentle facial cleansing brush. Ultra-fine and soft bristles combined with advanced ultrasound vibration technology help to thoroughly dislodge impurities from the skin. By getting rid of residual dirt and sloughing off dead skin cells, skin feels softer and looks brighter. The brush heads can be changed to suit different skin types. Compact and battery-powered, Kingdom Cares Facial Brush is so portable you can take it anywhere with you and have a deep cleansing home facial even while travelling.

Kérastase Hair Coach by L’Oréal

Brushing a hundred times takes on new meaning when your hairbrush can analyse the force, rhythm and gestures of your motions and tell you how you can improve on them in order to avoid damaging your hair. This smart hairbrush also has sensors that measures factors like dryness and cuticle damage, making it possible to find out how processes like heat styling and colouring damage hair. Most importantly, based on these assessments, it offers haircare tips and product recommendations to help improve your hair health. Kérastase Hair Coach by L’Oréal is targeted for release in autumn this year.

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