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Never Be Caught With Nothing To Wear Again Girls!

We are all familiar with having a full-to-bursting closet yet have nothing to wear. As fast fashion becomes increasingly popular, many of us are end up shopping for one-off pieces for a particular event that we then can’t or won’t wear again afterwards. This clogs up our closets with clothes that quickly become passé.


Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. Stop chasing trends and streamline your wardrobe. Shop with care for classics that can withstand the crazy fads. Here are a few key pieces that can take you from morning to evening:

A Basic Tee

The wonder of the layered world, a basic tee serves many purposes and looks. V-necks pair well under blazers and cardigans, while a 3/4 sleeve boatneck holds up well on its own. A scoop neck tee looks great under a long cardigan, paired with a set of basic tights and kitten heels. Every wardrobe should have a fitted tee to serve as the base layer and a looser tee to be worn as a top layer over a simple camisole for more casual hang outs and meet ups.


A Trusty Skirt

Be it floor length or knee length, pencil or A-line, a simple skirt will take you through the day from brunch to boardroom meeting to date night. Keeping lines simple and clean by using subtle patterns (think pin stripes or barely-there polkadots) help to carry this basic through the day. Choosing a skirt made of natural fibre, like this beautiful and understated Bird’s Eye Pencil Skirt in wool, will help to keep you cool while looking professional.


Your Favourite Cardigan

The cardigan is the workhorse of the wardrobe. Throwing one on lends and air of sophistication to any basic outfit, and many are light enough to be rolled up and stashed in your purse during the day and thrown on for an evening walk with your beau. When choosing a cardigan, go for length and light. Although if your office thermostat is set super low, you might want to invest is an extra warm and cozy one to keep at your desk.


Do-all Tights

Tights, everyone is wearing them because they are amazing. They are the new yoga pants. Flexible, stretchy, light, and comfortable, these tiny dynamos are there to cover your butt, literally and figuratively. They come in an astounding array of colours and prints, and many are made from ultra-breathable bamboo to provide ample airflow without being nearly transparent.


The Little Black Dress

This is going to save you from many a formal crisis. On its own, a clean-cut black dress can be worn to a cocktail party, paired with a power blazer and ballet flats for business lunch, and worn with a silk scarf and heels to the latest art exhibition. Little black dresses are appropriate for almost any formal occasion, and can be paired with almost every other colour or print to suit your mood.


The Button Up

A button up shirt may require a little more care than the average blouse, but it can make you look pressed and polished in a flash. Paired with a blazer, a pair of trousers, and a pointed shoe, you’ll be ready for business, and look just intimidating enough to get what you want. If you want to play with the boys, you need to be ready to look the part. Avoid prints, go for basic white or other bolder colours to channel your inner badass. Finish your look with a bold red lip and be ready to kill it.


With these basics, you’ll be able to impress everyone you meet, look on-point and fabulous, all without standing waist-deep in a pile of clothing, rummaging through your wardrobe while cursing the day you bought up half of Forever 21. Each of the above pieces as versatile enough to be worn or at least three different occasions, or combined endlessly to suit you.


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