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The Latest, Hottest Makeup And Hair Trends To Embrace – And Those To Stay Far, Far Away From

Braids, please

2017’s favourite crowning glory has everything to do with braids. On the spring/summer runways, braids appeared in all styles and manners, from skinny pieces amidst mussed up waves at Roberto Cavalli to braided buns at Dior and romantic braids at Valentino. Elsewhere, Pinterest also singled out the braided top knot as one of this year’s top beauty trends. Girly or tomboy, there’s a braid for everyone and they’re here to stay.                                                                                                                                                             Source

Let your eye colour pop

That spring/summer 2017 runways are filled with colour is nothing new but this year, bold injections of colour were all over the makeup looks as well. There was nothing tame about the vivid pops of unexpected colour, whether it be bright red blush worn on the temples or vivid, glossy eyeshadows that ran the spectrum of violet, aquamarine and tangerine. While having what looks like mushrooming bruises on the sides of your face may not be the best look, letting your eyelids be the new canvas for pop art hues seems more than fun.

Buy maybe skip the painted ears

There was also colour on the eyebrows at Gucci and by colour we mean yellow, lilac, peach and white. And at Proenza Schouler, ears were painted yellow. These may catch on IRL someday in the far-out future but for now, it’s safe to say that these are trends best left to the runway and magazine editorials.

Dot your eyeliner

Dotted eyeliner dates way back to the 1960s when Twiggy did it on her lower lash line to accentuate her lashes. This year, thanks to runways, beauty bloggers and celebs like Emma Roberts, it’s once again a thing. Why it’s popular: It’s a fun way to play with makeup and even though it’s non-traditional, it doesn’t detract from looking pretty. Plus, it can be as discreet as a single dot on the lower lash line or bold when worn on the eyelids and tops of cheeks. Use the round end of a makeup brush and liquid eyeliner. For this look to work, you want the dots to be precise.

Go for more natural brows

Say goodbye to the dark, boxy eyebrows that have been part of the signature Korean makeup look for so long. Straight is still the preferred shape because it is deemed more youthful, but for 2017, they will take on the merest hint of an arch so that they look rounder and more feminine. Colour-wise, Cara Delevingne-dark is out. Opt for lighter browns instead for naturally filled-out brows.

Dive right in with jamsu

Want a flawless, perfectly matte and melt-proof makeup finish? Reach for baby powder and a basin of cool water. Jamsu (it roughly translates to “diving” or “submerging”) is the makeup hack that Korean beauty buffs relied on to make it through the last summer. Supposedly, it was started by a Japanese beauty blogger but the K-beauty world wasted no time in owning it. Now it has caught on in the U.S. too.

How it works: After cleansing and moisturising, put on primer, foundation and concealer as usual. Then, generously shake out baby powder onto hands and pat freely until you’ve pancaked your entire face, before dunking it into a basin of cool water for 15 to 30 seconds (the dryer your skin, the shorter the bath should be). Pat dry and finish with the rest of your makeup. The super-matte finish should theoretically last you one whole day. Needless to say, it’s best to do a test run before wearing this trick out on a date or to a work meeting.

Lastly, let the green, blue and pink hair go

It’s even worse to see chunks of all three hues on one head of hair. Seriously, this trend needs to die. Instead, opt for browns and reds that are flattering to your skin tone. Highlights done right will brighten and play up your complexion.

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