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Inject Some Style Into Your Boyfriend’s Boring Wardrobe (Without Him Freaking Out)

He whips out his credit card with no hesitation for the latest GoPro and religiously changes his mobile phone for the latest model every single year. Yet, he balks at the idea of spending more than $50 on a shirt. Besides, he already has two shirts — one to wear while the other’s in the wash. Sure, the colour may be a wee bite faded, but there are no holes, which means it’s still good, he says with a beam.

You love him to bits but his fashion sense — or lack thereof — not so much. The first thing to understand is that when it comes to changing a man’s style, you are the one who is going to do the shopping and giving. If he’s the type to doze off at the shoe department (where there are seats) while you sniff out worthy buys, don’t drag the poor sod around and ask him to decide between cobalt and azure — to him, a blue shirt is a blue shirt. And, before you start, here’s a reminder: you want to accept him for what he is (you did fall for this guy), so don’t gun for a complete overhaul and hope to turn him into George Clooney. Instead, pick elements that you think he can accept so that he doesn’t have to feel like he’s in a costume.

The good news is that the latest trends are wearable enough for any guy to feel comfortable in their own skin. Here are some ways you can spruce up his style.

If he is into hoodies …

Sporty gets interesting with layers this season. So if he likes his sweatshirts and hoodies, have him wear them in unexpected combinations like over a flannel shirt or slight, thin turtleneck, or even with a blazer. The love for ‘90s nostalgia brands like Reebok and Champion remains strong, with high fashion collaborations at Vetements taking the lead. If your boy still has those incredibly old sweats from his school days buried in his wardrobe, it’s time to dust the mothballs off them.

If he likes technical fabrics or the hiker’s look

His eyes may glaze over at having to differentiate between shades of blue but high-tech fabrics engineered to be super lightweight, windproof or waterproof? These are going to make clothing tags and labels well-worth poring over in his books. Traditional hiking gear comes to the forefront this season on the fashion runways, making it perfectly okay for him to wear a long parka as casual outerwear. So that he does not actually look like he is going hiking, opt for interesting colour combinations and patterns, as well as hardware and detailing.


If he thinks blue is his safe colour

There are several ways to go with this. First, light wash denim is the way to go currently and a fresh way to adopt this would be get him to throw on a denim jacket that looks the slightest bit oversized. For weather appropriateness, a lightweight denim shirt worn over a plain white tee works just as well. The powder blue shirt is also making a strong showing at the moment. A skinnier fit works best, especially worn with streamlined chinos and white sneakers or loafers. Try layering the blues as well and go completely monochrome — pick a cobalt or navy tie, plus a blazer and pants in the same colour family.

Top it all off with a cap

Caps are the perfect accessory because they can add instant style to an outfit without looking like you’re trying too hard. A t-shirt and shorts combo can look more dressed up when paired with a cap. Worn with a blazer, it adds a touch of insouciance. This season, pick one of a solid colour — entirely blue, red or stone, for instance — and try interesting fabrics and textures. Bonus: you can borrow it too.

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