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7 Must-Have Vanity Tools For All Makeup Addicts Out There

A recent study has revealed that a regular woman spends an average $15, 000 on cosmetics in her entire lifetime. That’s a huge chunk of money, isn’t it? Well, since you’ve already spent so much on cosmetics alone, we suggest you get these affordable accessories to round up your makeup products as well, ensuring they’ll always be kept neatly, easily searchable and quickly retrievable at all times.

Let’s start off with:

  1. Makeup Organiser

Store your precious and expensive beauty supplies in these equally gorgeous makeup organisers – only then are they worthy to contain them right? Bonus points: displaying the full strength of your makeup haul as a centerpiece itself atop your vanity table totally screams #somuchenvy + #homeorganisationgoals for visitors to your home who might just be inspired to do the same with theirs too 😉






  1. Lighted Mirror

Find yourself having to always squint at the mirror while putting on your eye makeup? Make it easier on yourself or your eyes for the matter, whenever you apply the eyeliner to achieve a perfect wingtip each time – with these lighted mirrors:



  1. Cotton Pads Box Container

How do you store those totally essential yet often overlooked square cotton puffed pads which you use every day to wipe grime off your face and remove makeup with? Leave it in its deflated plastic packaging? Umm, that looks a tad depressing and doesn’t seem to fit anywhere on your decorated vanity table. Instead, place your nifty cotton pads in these chio Anna Sui-inspired boxes:


  1. BeautyBlender® Holder

The BeautyBlender® is an egg-shaped applicator which many women swear by – used for easy blending and applying of foundations/creams/primers onto their faces. For hygiene purposes, keep your little contraption of convenience in these oh-so-cute holders meant just for it:



  1. Makeup Brush Cleaner

Experts recommend washing your makeup brushes at least once a month. However, ideally, you should wash your makeup brushes once every fortnight. After all, these are your trusty tools which you use on the daily basis to powder up your face each morning – you wouldn’t want to risk pimple-causing bacteria and nasty germs trapped in those brush bristles transferring onto your dear face right?

And so, this is where these helpful makeup brush cleaners come in handy:



  1. Makeup Brush Drying Stand

What’s one gotta do with those dripping wet makeup brushes then? Don’t just stow them away lying haphazardly on any tabletop surface to accumulate germs yet again – after all, you’ve just washed them, haven’t you? Store them in an upright position hanging upside down to let dry.

This makeup brush drying stand is just so #useful for that purpose:


  1. Hairband

Why stop at getting just the practical tools for your makeup items when you can get a super adorable accessory for yourself too? It can be hard, actually no – make that impossible, to apply makeup evenly on your face with your strands of hair falling out of place covering parts of your forehead, touching the sides of your cheeks…yeah, you get the picture.

With these headbands that promise to keep flyaway hair away from your face, you can now have a breezy time applying makeup each day. (Or put on your lotion/serum/moisturizer swiftly come bedtime every night.)



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