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10 Ways To Look Glam In Grey

When you hear grey, you probably think hair, age, dust … but it can also be cool or cozy, casual or chic. Grey is the underdog of the fashion world. Grey can span the day, the week or the season, without being drab or frumpy. Whether a little or a lot, grey’s got your back, no matter the occasion.


Greys mix beautifully with plums, mustards, teals and wines. They balance black and soften whites, and offer a beautiful and simple base for luxe accessories. Here’s how to rock the grey look and look more Gigi Hadid than grandma.


Baby steps

If you’re new to grey, starting with a basic tee is a great way to work it into your wardrobe without taking the plunge to full grey majesty. Pair it with casual jeans, a comfy cardigan and slinky shoes and you’re ready for coffee, a quick trip to the campus library or Sunday brunch.


Just the tips

Another way to dip your toes into wearing is to literally, dip your toes (and your fingers) in. Greyscale nails have been seen on the catwalks – try mixing black and pewter for a tough, too-cool vibe that doesn’t scream “trying too hard”.


Pepper it on

Using a grey accessory, such as a cardigan or a scarf, to counterbalance a louder, bolder colour, such as coral pink, or cerulean blue, helps to lower the overall volume of your outfit without dulling you down or washing you out.


Try grey jeans

Add some variation to your collection of jeans to include a shade (or fifty) of grey! Grey pairs as well as, or better than, most shades of blue, and is an unusual and understated change to your typical jeans-and-tee get up.


Sweat it out

The athleisure trend is still going strong and is destined to become a classic. Sweatpants are now modern and sleek, featuring space-age fabrics and cool colour combinations. Best of all, they are as comfortable as yoga pants, and twice as forgiving.


Get a LGD

That’s right – not a little black dress, but a little grey dress is quickly becoming every woman’s cocktail dress of choice. It’s flattering, chic and will definitely help you stand out in a sea of boring black. Look for it popping up in galas, art launches, weddings and in boardrooms around the world.


Sharp suits

Grey adds an air of femininity to suits, softening them and making them a classy and sharp without being over-the-top. Paired with a soft heel and a rose coloured blouse, and you’ll be the perfect mixture of warm but cool.


Go metallic

If grey still seems a little boring to you, jazz it up with a dash of shiny metal. It’s an easy way to glitz up an evening outfit – think gunmetal grey jumpsuits or sleek shiny silver dresses – while still looking cool and collected.


Make it the star

Once you’re ready to take the plunge, hit the streets in full on grey. You can’t go wrong – grey hides all your flaws, without being as stark or intimidating as black. The trick to wearing all grey is to pick a few different shades, so you look put-together without being too matchy-matchy.


Try layering

Layering one grey over another creates an unsuspected level of depth that can only really come from grey. Because it can be supplemented with various other hues, notably mossy greens and subtle indigos, layering different tones of greys on top of and alongside each other can offer surprising dimension to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.



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