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10 Wardrobe Items That You Definitely Need To Own

If you only have space for ten pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, which would you keep and which would you discard? Or maybe you’ve just moved in to a new house and are planning to stock your new wardrobe with some clothing essentials. Let us give you some direction and tips.


Here are 10 wardrobe items that would always work:

1. Little Black Dress

A black or navy dress is one which can easily suit any occasion and is always in fashion! The simple yet elegant Little Black Dress (LBD) can be paired with a nice necklace and a pair of matching heels for a cocktail party or with a simple cross shoulder sling bag and some white casual sneakers for weekend outings.


2. Slim Fit Jeans

Mix it up by pairing your favourite skinny or slim fit jeans with any shirt to always look fresh and comfy. Not to mention, stylish and hot too!


3. Black Clutch Handbag

A cross shoulder black clutch handbag is the classic everyday example of a bag that can be used for almost any occasion! This versatile convertible bag (its straps can be removed to turn into a clutch) can be paired with any clothing apparel easily – saving you lots of time when you’re scrambling to match your bag to your outfit every single morning! Plus, it’s small, light and handy for you to carry it everywhere!


4. Well-cut Suit Blazer

A well-cut suit jacket, also known simply as a blazer, in a classic colour of either black or white will go a long way for any gentleman or lady in the workforce – you will never know when you need it! This will be a trusty wardrobe piece which you will rely on as it can be paired together with a nice clean pair of trousers, jeans or even a dress and you’ll be good to go for any last-minute formal functions – not to mention, looking elegant and sharp to boot.


5. White Shirt

A classic white shirt is definitely a must-have for any wardrobe! It can be worn underneath a blazer and with a pencil skirt for a work outfit or transformed into a get-up for your weekend when you wear it tucked into trousers or casual jeans.


6. Sweater Cardigan

A sweet and simple sweater cardigan in a solid colour is all that you need. This will always come handy for you to take everywhere – especially when you’re in malls and office areas where the air conditioner is always set at low temperatures. Moreover, it will make you look well put together!


7. White Sneakers

A clean white pair of sneakers that goes with any outfit is certainly something you ought to own! Choose leather if you want to have an easier time wiping off stains to keep it pristine.


8. Classic Black Maxi Dress

Nothing beats owning a classic black maxi dress which will be your go-to each time you’re called to attend last-minute black-tie formal events. When paired with beautiful jewellery and matching high heels, you’ll be bound to impress everyone at the ball looking this stunning.


9. Ballet Flats

Wearing high heels all the time can be very painful and tiring. This is why owning a good comfortable pair of ballet flats is so important! It would be perfect for dinner, late night parties and even for casual wear on the weekend. The pair of ballet flats in your wardrobe will turn out to be your best friend in the long run.


10. Comfortable Sleepwear

After a long hard week at work, the precious weekend is probably the only time you can catch up on beauty sleep. And for that, having a comfy set of sleepwear or pyjamas is key! Choose a soft, cottony pyjamas set to ensure you can kick back to rest and relax at home in comfort.


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