ezbuy Interns Out On Strike! Escaping Work To Go Sentosa Via Cable Car *gasps* 😱

One fine sunny Friday afternoon, four ezbuy interns were found missing at their respective work seats at ezbuy’s main headquarters. Their Paya Lebar Polytechnic Student Internship Programme (SIP) S­upervisor-in-charge, Mr. Rehtanman, who had happened to drop in to do a feedback review and grading discussion with them was utterly flabbergasted to learn that those four rascals had actually sneaked off to go on a strike! Gasp! What audacity! Such guts they have to even try to escape work! And what are the compelling reasons they have to even pull such a stunt, he wondered.

Guess where they went? None other than… the latest hip attraction to hit our warm shores: The Escape Artist x Singapore Cable Car proudly presents The Guardians – An Unravelling Adventure, which promises to be Singapore’s first and largest outdoor Escape Room-themed concept puzzle game Amazing Race-style.

Meet the seemingly docile gang of four who had the nerve to escape work and go out to play! They are The Enthusiastic Janine, The Geeky Noah, The Jaded Sean and The Straight-A’s High Achiever Paige.


Janine raring to go board the Cable Car to reach their destination of which she will have to escape from!

“1, 2, 3, 4! Whoosh!” they cheered.

Paige and Janine hard at work (pun intended) *ba dum tss* solving puzzles on their phones.
Who says girls are bad at reading directions, maps and solving arithmetic sums? Paige and Janine join forces to crack the codes together.

 pie tss dum GIF

It is interesting to note that the entire game format is totally based on a digital interface whereby participants have to use their mobile phones to play and complete the whole game in order to win.

We shall not reveal too much information on the game mechanics as we would like to keep you in suspense! 🙃


Ooopsie daisy, a Merlion spotted! 😏

They did the legwork of covering this event just so that they can spill the juicy details and secret hideaways – to share it with you, of course, in order to aid and spur you on to come up with your own winning strategy! Can we please show some appreciation to them? A round of applause for them please, kids! 👏👏👏


And complete the game, they did! Victory! Well done guys, ezbuy is proud of you! (😠 even though you guys went on a strike…)

So remember to head down to The Guardians – An Escape Game Adventure these June holidays in order to find out what all the fun is about! #fomo is real, guys! So don’t miss out!

This post is made possible only because of the generosity of Singapore Cable Car & The Escape Artist which co-organised this event, allowing our interns the chance to have some fun in the sun. Well, because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? 😜


Limited amount of tickets left, with the rest being up for grabs only on Peatix – so, fastest fingers first!

Ticket Admission Charges

Game Package for 4Pax$140.00
Game Package for 5Pax$150.00
Game Package for 6Pax$160.00
Game Package for Faber Licence Members & Sentosa Island Partners$100.00

Dates: June 12 to July 2, 2017 [Mondays to Sundays]
Time: 11:00am to 5:00pm
Venue: The Merlion, Sentosa Island, 30 Imbiah Road, Singapore 099705



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