5 Essential Items To Get Through Your Day at Marina Bay Carnival

Everyone is talking about The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival. For those of you not in the know or been living in a cave, it’s the biggest carnival in Singapore. Occupying the Promontory and Bayfront Event Space, there are 40 rides and games suitable for kids all the way to senior citizens. Food lovers will have a wide variety of choices of yummy and Instagram worthy foods ranging from gourmet burgers and buns, raclette, churros, chendol soft serve and lemongrass chicken rice bowls.

The carnival also runs from 15 December to 1 April 2018 and from 4pm to 11pm daily.

By now most of you would have visited the Marina Bay Carnival. Whether you have yet to visit or planning to head down again for some fun, here are 5 essential items from us, that you will need for your day at the carnival. Psst… we also have some great news to share so read on to find out!

  1. Xiaomi Portable Chargers


With carnival photos all over social media, for those who have yet to visit would know to expect lots of photo opportunities and backdrops for Instagram worthy shots be it rides or food and drinks.

Now you wouldn’t want to be running low on battery while shooting insta-stories or ‘boomeranging’ your day at the carnival or as you wait in line to get on the rides.

Have a trusty portable charger by your side to juice up your phone whenever the bars get low, so you can spam your Instagram feed all day. 🤣


  1. Waterproof Shoe cover


White sneakers are the way to go, but we all know white shoes gets dirty easily too. With recent weather pouring very unpredictably, the grass will likely be muddy or waterlogged.

Get this fashionable shoe cover, which pretty much looks like a legit boot (in any case it really rains in the day before you trip to the carnival. But let me pray hard for you it will be all rainbows and pastel pop clouds) to shield those precious white shoes of yours!

You can’t really go wrong with this shoe cover, unless you don’t mind getting your white sneaker stained or accidentally stepped on by passers-by.


  1. Oil Blotting Sheet

You wouldn’t want to look all glossy and shiny in photos, right? Especially with all the humidity and crowd it’s likely you will ‘face’ this issue. Keep a pack of oil blotting sheets to blot anytime you will need to. And if you dare, if the foods you bought is too oily, you know what to do! (Only at your discretion)


  1. Miracle Bio Water

Another skincare item in our list of essentials, to ensure you look good and feel good. Just a few sprays to freshen up after rides, before any photo-taking, or just anytime lah! Your face need to remain hydrated in order to have that natural healthy glow. FYI: In any case you think that the bottle looks bulky, it’s really not that heavy for this small bottle of spray.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check out our Korea Marketplace too for more variety of skincare products such as Innisfree’s UV protection cream and Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera soothing gels.


  1. Mini Portable Fans

When I say mini, it’s really mini! It’s pocket friendly too, literally! Simply plug this in your phone or power bank to get this mini fan working and keep cool at the carnival. Not strong enough? Try these other portable fans from us then. Now, how about hair blowing Instagram shots with it too?


So that just about sums up our essentials, but as promised we do have some great news to share!

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All ready and inspired to brave the carnival? What other essentials would you recommend for anyone going to the carnival?

Feel free to drop us a comment below!


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