7 Items Every Beauty And The Beast Lover Must Get To Recreate The Iconic Dinner Scene At Home

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 13: An orchestra performs at the New York special screening of Disney’s live-action adaptation “Beauty and the Beast” at Alice Tully Hall on March 13, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios)


Smashing worldwide box office records and raking in over US$400million of ticket sales during its opening weekend alone is Disney’s latest live-action film adaptation, Beauty And The Beast, which boasts of a star-studded cast including Emma Watson (of Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger fame), Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey), Emma Thomspon (Nanny McPhee), Ian McKellen (X-Men, Lord Of The Rings) and Stanley Tucci.

With all that magic encapsulated in the entirety of the film, it is of no wonder how it managed to fare so tremendously well at the box office.

And it comes as no surprise that naturally every Disney fangirl (yours truly included, guilty as charged :p) would aspire to be like the titular character, Belle.

Complete that aspiration with this list of items to recreate that iconic dinner scene in your very own home! Then you continue in that daydream of yours that one day – your utensils and cutleries might just come alive and perchance perform a sing-and-dance musical number to enchant you.


Mrs. Pott and her son, Chip — teapot & cup

Probably the kindest character and a motherly one to boot – Mrs. Pott the teapot provides such warm hospitality to Belle and even sings to her in her gentle, soothing and melodic voice to coax her to dine with the Beast. Chip the cup is her boisterous yet adorable son who’s always inquisitive.

Get your own version of Mrs. Pott & Chip with these variations:




Lumiere — candelabra

“A talking candle?!” Belle exclaims in utter shock upon their initial encounter. Don’t let that fool you into believing that Belle was on an LSD-induced hallucination thinking that candles were calling out to her – as Lumiere proceeds to clear the air, explaining in great detail that he is in fact a grand ol’ yet ultra-dandy candelabra.

A classy dining table set up for a romantic candlelit dinner rendezvous for two is incomplete unless you place your candles atop an equally elegant candelabra – such as these ones:






Cogsworth — mantel clock

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme… you may know all the lyrics to the whole soundtrack but a magnificent house wouldn’t be complete without a clock to even tell the time.

Make sure to get yourself a mantel clock with these choices at different price points:







Madame de Garderobe — wardrobe

Yeah, that talking-and-singing wardrobe that dresses Belle up? In case you’re wondering, we don’t think talking wardrobes are a thing yet – that can be purchased anywhere in the world right now at this point in time, maybe not yet – until somebody invents one. Or a robotic wardrobe, perhaps?

Until then, satisfy all your clothing desires and keep them safe in a cosy closet such as these glamorous ones:




Sultan the dog — footstool

A dog is a man’s best friend and how true this adage is! Sultan the palace dog was magically turned into a footstool by the enchantress. He may not be his master’s companion in the form of a dog anymore but he certainly is still super useful as a footstool – providing comfort, respite and so much more.

Get your own majestic-looking yet comfy as hell footstool to rest your tired legs on, at the end of each tiring work day upon reaching home and plopping yourself onto the sofa, with these lush options:



Plumette (also known as Fifi) — feather-duster

Plumette is not only Lumiere’s beau but also the resident housekeeper who tidies up all things filthy, messy and dusty, magically transforming everything instantly into spick-and-span!

Well, you may not acquire a magical feather-duster any time soon but you sure can keep your house squeaky clean at all times with the help of these trusty fellows:



Bonus items:

This is for those who already own a respectable teapot which Mrs. Pott would be proud of – but would still want to own an additional household item that would fit the theme of La Belle et la Bête to a T, so we highly recommend:

A clock in the shape of a teapot, just ‘cause how else are you gonna tell it’s tea time come every afternoon?


A necklace with a teapot pendant – because how else are you going to show it to the world that you live and breathe all things Beauty and The Beast? It comes as an added bonus that you also can imagine this to be slightly resembling Aladdin’s genie lamp. (Disney fans, we know just what makes you tick!) It’s all in the imagination, we say.



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