5 Reasons To Get Your Hands On A Fidget Spinner

Do you know that the humble fidget spinner was actually invented for a greater purpose of promoting peace? Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

The inventor of this now ubiquitous stress-reducing toy, Catherine Hettinger told CNN that “she came up with the idea during a trip to Israel in the 1980s, as a way to distract young Palestinian boys from throwing rocks at Israeli police officers”.


The latest craze on fidget spinners, also called fidget gadgets, does not seem to be abating anytime soon. In fact, there’s even a fidget spinner in the shape of Harry Potter’s iconic Golden Snitch. Maybe playing Quidditch in real life isn’t so appealing anymore but spinning the Golden Snitch? Hell yeah.

Adults and kids alike have taken a liking to these fidget spinners. And we see good reasons why:



1. It’s a stress reliever

Akin to twirling a pen, spinning your fidget spinner allows you to release pent-up stress either at work or at school. Well, we say save your pens for their original purpose of writing – and get a gadget meant for spinning! It’s also touted as a good accompanying tool for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – it apparently helps to enhance their concentration while doing homework especially those involving tedious mathematical calculations. This is provided that kids are supervised or taught by their parents on how to use it safely.


2. It’s a creativity booster

For those who think and/or talk with their hands, the fidget spinner is said to boost creativity. Instead of putting the kibosh to that habit, why not do it with the fidget spinner? Your boss will surely appreciate whatever it takes for you to come up with profit-churning ideas for your company.


3. You can carry it everywhere

Due to its small size, the fidget spinner is handy and highly portable – ensuring that you can carry it anywhere and everywhere! We’ve seen secondary school students keeping themselves (and their hands) busy fiddling with fidget gadgets while commuting on the MRT train. Isn’t that great? The fidget spinner provides a source of entertainment for restless teenagers so that they wouldn’t have to resort to other nasty activities which may potentially cause nuisance to the public.


4. It’s practically unbreakable

Users have attested to the durability of the fidget spinner. Despite falling to the ground numerous times when accidentally dropped by users who are playing with it, the fidget spinner is hardly damaged and still works fine. Quite a hardy contraption, isn’t it? Making it suitable for all, even those with butter fingers!


5. It’s highly affordable


If you know the right places to buy it from, you can actually get the fidget spinner at cheap prices. For instance, you can get yours at ezbuy.sg for less than $3! That’s waaaaaaaay cheaper than those sold by other retailers. In comparison, the Golden Snitch costs a whooping US$149.99! Memorabilia for Potterheads sure don’t come cheap, we reckon.


If you’re on the hunt for the latest fidget spinners, fidget cubes or just toys in general, look no further than ezbuy.sg!

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